Packages depending on mongojs

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apibox Deploy declarative APIs in a few minutes

bakery-commons bakery-commons ==============

br The noBackend RESTful API.

bridgejs A realtime data synchronization framework for nodejs and clients

chronicle Logging with support for MongoDB

cnt_newsletters The best project ever.

coffeeblog A simplified blogging engine built with coffeescript on top of nodejs.

coops-demo Up to date documentation ========================

cpresent Simplified, web-based church presentation system.

dpd-search provides functionality to search a deployd collection

dquery-mongo jQuery for your database

email-queue Allows you to queue emails to be sent in x amount of time

firsttestmodule A test node module

generator-drywall Yeoman generator

ice-framework A utility framework which provides helpful functionality, primarily for the P Framework.

indexed-set Set Manipulation for ordered sets

jilo-server Logging server

jive-persistence MongoDB persistence strategy for jive-sdk

jive-persistence-mongo MongoDB persistence strategy for jive-sdk

jok-play creating online games never was so easy

locke-store-mongo A locke storage implementation for MongoDB

log4js-node-mongodb A log4js-node log appender to write logs into MongoDB.

lognj Node.js module to make logging life easier

lx-mongodb Litixsoft backend driver for mongoDb.

masterofcoin Store Stripe Webhook events into MongoDB, send Hipchat notifications, and display them using Server-Sent Events.

mergeatron A helpful PR monitor that runs jenkins builds when Pull Requests are created and updated

modelizer An ORM-Mapper with a shared model between client and server for MongoDB

mongo-start Simple wrapper to get a mongojs collection

mongod Promise based mongo driver built on mongojs

mongojs-hooks Wrap monogjs in pre and post hooks

mongoleaderboard A node.js module for implementing a simple leaderboard with mongodb

mongomerge mongoimport --upsert that does proper merging

mongonap ERROR: No file found!

mongopatch MongoDB patching tool

mongorepository Generic implementation of the repository pattern for nodejs/mongodb

mongosync A Backbone.Sync replacement for persisting data on the backend using MongoJS

noted-api Part of [noted-app](

noted-app A note taking app. Buit with node.js. Work in progress.

npmfirsttesting A test for npm package development

npush n:push Real Time Messaging System by Newicon Ltd.

nuve-server It offers Room management, Users access control and service registration to third-party applications. It also provides Cloud scalability to the service.

organic-webcell organic-webcell ===============

p-framework A socket based, real time web framework.

persister A module for node.js.

pipermail-bot The esdiscuss bot

platos-model Schema-less, multi-tenancy ODM for MongoDB. **a query based client/server publish subscribe protocol built on node.js.**

resourcejs A RESTful Resource base class for Express.js.

seismo Simple tool to track and analyze application events

simple-collection Library for simple collections

tek-web web application framework of tek

thinair PITA-less Web Development Framework built with Node.js

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