Packages depending on mongoose

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mongoose-file Mongoose plugin adding a file field to a schema - useful for nodejs file uploads

mongoose-filter-denormalize Simple collection filtering and denormalization.

mongoose-filter-properties filter readable/writeable properties to protect your models

mongoose-fixture Static Fixture Loader with Mongoose ORM

mongoose-flatmatcher Mongoose plugin mapping flat name/value JSON to Mongoose Schemas which may have nesting and embedded arrays

mongoose-flex-rest REST plugin with rich query support

mongoose-form-factory-types More types for mongoose

mongoose-format A Mongoose plugin that enables you to produce formatted output of your instantiated models.

mongoose-friends 2-way friendship relationship plugin for Mongoose ODM

mongoose-fs Mongoose plugin for large attributes storage in GridFS

mongoose-fulltext Fulltext search plugin for mongoose odm and mongodb.

mongoose-gen generates mongoose schemas from json documents, supports DBRefs and Arrays of DBRef

mongoose-hashed-plugin mongoose plugins:hash password fields

mongoose-history Keeps a history of all changes of a document.

mongoose-hookup Mongoose connection management

mongoose-i18n Mongoose schema plugin for i18n support.

mongoose-id-autoinc Creating of auto increment id fields

mongoose-id-validator Mongoose plugin to validate that ObjectID references refer to objects that actually exist in the referenced collection

mongoose-identity-store A bunch of mongoose schemas to implement identity management (users, accesstokens, oauth apps)

mongoose-identity-store-multi-tenant A bunch of mongoose schemas to implement identity management (users, accesstokens, oauth apps)

mongoose-joins Plugin support for basic joins in Mongoose

mongoose-likes Mongoose plugin to track likes for an object

mongoose-mass-assign A mongoose plugin to help safely perform mass assignments from web input

mongoose-materialized Materialized path hierarchy for mongoose

mongoose-migrate Abstract migration framework for node

mongoose-migrate-mongohq Abstract migration framework for node

mongoose-misc Miscellaneous types & plugins for Mongoose

mongoose-modeler Mongoose Schema & Model management

mongoose-models A extension to mongoose's models

mongoose-multitenant Wrapper for Mongoose that allows for easy horizontal multitenancy (collection prefix per tenant)

mongoose-nested-set A mongoose plugin implementing the nested set pattern (aka as trees or hierarchies) for mongoose models

mongoose-paginate Mongoose ORM (NodeJS/MongoDB) Document Query Pagination

mongoose-pagination Mongoose Query Pagination

mongoose-path-tree Maintaied version of materialized path hierarchy for mongoose with reparent option

mongoose-plugins mongoose plugins:CRUD,auth helpers

mongoose-plugins-accessible-by A mongoose plugin that adds role based security information to a schema

mongoose-plugins-created-by Adds a createdBy field to a schema.

mongoose-plugins-delete-paranoid Adds paranoid deletion to a mongoose schema

mongoose-plugins-resource-limits Adds a createdBy field to a schema.

mongoose-plugins-tags-simple Adds a simple tag field to a mongoose schema

mongoose-plugins-timestamp Some error objects prepackaged.

mongoose-post-find Post find and findOne hooks for mongoose

mongoose-pusher Mongoose plugin to allow a "pusher" function which acts like setter for arrays.

mongoose-q kriskowal's Q support for mongoose

mongoose-query mongoose Query lib

mongoose-rattle-plugin Add social interactions (messages and likes) to mongoose document

mongoose-rbac Role-based access control for mongoose apps.

mongoose-redis-persistence mongoose-redis-persistence ==========================

mongoose-relationships Model relationships plugin for Mongoose

mongoose-reparenting-tree Materialized path hierarchy with cascade child re-parenting on delete for mongoose

mongoose-repl A Mongo REPL with the full power of Mongoose

mongoose-resource Restful API layer with Mongoose based resources. Inspired by python Tastypie

mongoose-rest-endpoints Easy REST endpoint creation for Mongoose documents with Express

mongoose-rest-helper A bunch of helpers used to simplify rest development.

mongoose-rest-ready A plugin for mongoosejs to turn documents into REST API ready responses

mongoose-schema-formatdate mongoose formatdate schema

mongoose-schema-registry Creates a schema registry that can be used to store and retrieve mongoose schemas.

mongoose-schemagen Exceptionally featureful RESTful web services middleware for Connect.

mongoose-session Express 4.0 Middleware for MongoDB Session Storage using the Mongoose ODM

mongoose-simpledb Simple API for defining mongoose dbmodels and loading them into a single object for easy access.

mongoose-simpletimestamps Simple timestamps for mongoose

mongoose-sluggable-behavior Creates a sluggable mongoose Model from an existing schema

mongoose-slugger make slugs.

mongoose-social-user ERROR: No file found!

mongoose-softdelete Mongoose plugin that enables soft deletion of Models/Documents.

mongoose-spatial Plugin support for spatial types in Mongoose

mongoose-stamp Mongoose plugin that adds createdAt, updatedAt, and deletedAt auto-assigned date properties

mongoose-statemachine State machine plugin for Mongoose ODM

mongoose-subkey Mongoose plugin that which adds the concept of a key to sub schema arrays and validates that there is no duplication

mongoose-tail Node.js module for mongoose-tail

mongoose-temporal Plugin support for temporal types in Mongoose

mongoose-thumbnail Mongoose plugin adding a thumbnail field to a schema - useful for expressjs image file uploads

mongoose-thumbnail-example Example express.js app to showcase mongoose-thumbnail plugin

mongoose-times Mongoose plugin to add created and lastUpdated properties to schemas. Date properties are auto-assigned by the plugin, and the key names can be easily customized to match your naming style.

mongoose-timon Mongoose plugins (timestamps)

mongoose-toybox My Own Extra Stuff for Mongoose

mongoose-tree Materialized path hierarchy for mongoose

mongoose-tree-fix Materialized path hierarchy for mongoose

mongoose-tree2 Materialized path hierarchy for mongoose

mongoose-troop a collection of plugins for mongoose

mongoose-types More types for mongoose

mongoose-uniqueslugs Enhances models to automatically make duplicate slugs unique on save operations

mongoose-units Unit types & plugins for Mongoose

mongoose-user-plugin Add common user fonctionnality to document for signin, login and more

mongoose-utilities a collection of plugins for mongoose

mongoose-utils collection of mongoose plugins and schemas

mongoose-version Mongoose plugin to save old versions of saved documents

mongoose-visual Generate a styled HTML document representing your loaded Mongoose.js Models

mongoose-votes Voting plugin for mongoose

mongoose-watch Mongoose watch documents and querys

mongooser Mongoose REPL

mongorest mongorest is Connect/Express middleware that lets you easily provide a REST API for your MongoDB data.

mongorilla Mongorilla is a simple, clean, and powerful NodeJS based content moderator for MongoDB.

mongosm Parse and push .osm files to Mongodb

monqoose Q-style promise support for Mongoose

moonridge Bring your Mongoose models straight into angular web app with live Query support, all thanks to the magic of

moonshine-js a web framework for rapid development of SPA apps with angular.js,node and mongodb

mortimer rest interface for mongoose models, built on top of express

mothergoose A mongoose wrapper that provides a template for reusable dal level operations. CRUD functionality. Includes easy to use mock / stub database to speed up test development and minimize dependencies and errors

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