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10tcl CRUD over express and mongodb

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actionhero-mongoskin MongoDB initializers for actionHero backed by MongoSkin

agenda Light weight job scheduler for Node.js

argent-drivers Drivers to lottoplus database stores.

bongo Unfancy models for MongoDB

borgdb A DB agnostic NoSQL DB abstraction layer - NOT PRODUCTION READY

ccs Content Classification System - infer semantic information about unstructured data

cnx-node Db client mgmt for Node.js

connect-mongolotion MongoDB session store for Connect (SLIPPERIER NOW)

connect-mongoskin Connect's durable sessions middleware backed by MongoSkin

derby-auth Provides authentication for DerbyJS projects

express.skeleton express hello world

expresser A ready-to-use platform for Node.js web apps, built on top of Express.

feathers-mongodb Feathers MongoDB service

feature-flags Access control for express-based node apps

fis-cloud-kernel fis-cloud-kernel

frakture-utility Frakture Utilities and extensions

hype Expressjs based cluster-load-balanced app with, redis, mongoskin.

jishaku-torrent-storage Torrent storage component of Jishaku Toshokan

jqpm_server jquery plugin maneger server

legs Services for feathers to stand up on

livedb-mongo MongoDB database adapter for livedb

modella-mongo Modella Mongo persistence layer

mongo-collection A very lazy way to get a mongo collection with mongoskin

mongo-live-collection [Array √] [EventEmitter √] [MongoDB Collection √]

mongo-oplog-watcher Watch the MongoDB operation log for events

mongo-postal A node.js module that both creates a MongoDB collection of US postal codes and provides geo-spatial searching on them given a source zipcode and radius.

mongoauth lightweight OAuth token store with mongodb backend

mongodb-model MongoDB Model And Validator

mongofoo Resourceful JSON API for Express+Mongo

mongol Light modeling for MongoDB

mongolight mongolight a wrapper for mongoskin

mongopromise Wrap over Mongoskin for easy access to databases and collections.

mongorc RC but also can read config from MongoDB

mongoskin-slug A demo to show how to generate and use slugs with mongoskin

mongotest Integration Testing Helper for MongoDB

monk [![build status](](

monq MongoDB-backed job queue for Node.js

multipart-mongo Middleware for Connect (node.js) which handles multipart/form-data uploads and stores uploaded files in mongodb's GridFS

mupee Mupee is a proxy between the update servers and your corporate Mozilla software.

node-comment A simple comment system

node-utils tz's node utils - A collection of small, simple, and useful node packages.

racer-db-mongo MongoDB database plugin for Racer

rfidea Your contactless discography

riffmint Collaboration in musical space

roach A very adaptable web crawler framework. Impossible to kill.

smog HTML5/Node/WebSocket MongoDB viewer

soultimate Dependency library for `ultimate-seed`.


ultimate Dependency library for `ultimate-seed`.

wiki-server A Federated Wiki Server

windfall An inheritance based CMS

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