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2lemetry 2lemetry toolkit.

adhesion MQTT over WebSockets

ascoltatori The pub/sub library for node backed by Redis, MongoDB, AMQP (RabbitMQ), ZeroMQ, MQTT (Mosquitto) or just plain node!

bunyan-mqtt A bunyan raw stream to publish to mqtt

firehose Create an HTTP and WebSocket firefose from anything!

homa Meta package for the HomA framework

hypercat-pathfinder HyperCat Catalogue Server

ion-cannon Concurrent connection load tester


iotkit-agent Edge agent to abstract complexities

iotkit-client Edge client for IoT Kit Cloud

mosca The multi-transport MQTT broker for node.js. It supports AMQP, Redis, ZeroMQ, MongoDB or just MQTT.

mows Use MQTT from the Browser, based on MQTT.js and websocket-stream

mqtt_os_status Publishes OS status to an mqtt broker

mqtt-bridge Simple bridge to stream MQTT Broker data to dynamically defined back-ends

mqtt-exec Execute shell commands on MQTT messages

mqtt-google-calendar Gooogle Calendar to MQTT bridge

mqtt-growl A growl based mqtt monitor

mqtt-log-monitor monitor logs and publish changes over mqtt

mqtt-os-status Publishes OS status to an mqtt broker

mqtt-router Router for mqtt subscriptions.

mqtt-rpc This module provides an rpc interface for MQTT.

mqtt-tools mqtt command line functions

mqtt-ws a Node.js MQTT/WebSocket bridge

mqtt-zway Simple Z-Way Bridge for MQTT

mqttbot mqtt bot

node-red A visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things

ponte The Internet of Things Bridge for REST developers

pume A Pusher like javascript library for NodeJS and browser based on mqtt.js and paho mqtt javascript library.

site-monitor Website monitor

skynet Skynet IoT network and API

taas-server Things-as-a-service for 'hidden servers' (behind firewalls/NATs) and 'mobile clients' using a third-party service

tattletale A pub/sub service for integrated web-apps

td-mqtt-bridge A bridge between Telldus Tellstick and an MQTT Broker

tomaquet MQTT middleware framework.

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