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access-control Easily handle HTTP Access Control (CORS) in your applications

actorify Turn any duplex stream into an actor

ali-oss aliyun oss(open storage service) node client

animation animation timing & handling

authors print a markdown list of authors/contributors to your git repo, including github usernames

browserify-middleware express middleware for browserify v2

cabbie A webdriver client

cache22 Caching for node apps. Currently supports memory and redis stores.

cacheman Small and efficient cache provider for Node.JS with In-memory, Redis and MongoDB engines

catalogue A Mongoose Based Data Viewer

class-transition Applies a transitive `className` that gets removed upon a CSS transition completing or a timeout executing as a fallback.

clib C package manager

cloud-switch Switchboard for cloud

cloudup cloudup command-line executable

cloudup-cli cloudup command-line executable Private npm registry and web for Enterprise, base on MySQL and Simple Store Service

co-assert-timeout Assert a thunk or generator's timeout co-style

component-search Component search server

connection-pool Connection pooling logic for use with any service

debug-timer time things. output to visionmedia/debug

expires-middleware Middleware to set cache-control expiration headers

freeloader-bundle Collecion of streams for freeloader

gh-releases github project releases

gh2 little github client

github-store Use a github repository like the local file system it was always meant to be

github-stream Stream updates to the files in a GitHub repository.

google-spreadsheets-table A cached Google Spreadsheets table over [segmentio/google-spreadsheets](/segmentio/google-spreadsheets).

herd A simple wrapper over node cluster for zero-downtime reloads

hn-item-cache A cache for retrieving Hacker News items, only making one outbound request at a time.

hn-score-cache A cache for retrieving hn scores, only makes one outbound req at a time

hydro-formatter Base formatter for hydro

ironium ![](

jog JSON logging & reporting

jog2 JSON logging & reporting

jotan makes it easy to stream json over tcp using netstrings

katar-sms SMS queue system can be used to send and receive sms messages from a phone application

koa-ratelimit Rate limiter middleware for koa

less-file Middleware for less with npm and static assets support

localize-api helpful resource for getting external api's and making them local

lockit-couchdb-adapter couchdb adapter for lockit

lockit-forgot-password forgot password middleware for lockit

lockit-login login and logout module for lockit

lockit-mongodb-adapter MongoDB adapter for lockit

lockit-redis-adapter Redis adapter for lockit

lockit-signup signup module for lockit

lockit-sql-adapter SQL adapter for lockit. Works with PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and MariaDB

logrotate Log rotation executable / library

mana mana potion

maru System configuration management framework

mocha-breve simple, flexible, fun test framework by and for the javascript community

mongoose Mongoose MongoDB ODM

mongoose-prefixset Mongoose MongoDB ODM

mongoose-ttl Mongoose Time-To-Live plugin

mongroup process monitor via mon(1)

npm-research Nice little utility to help you research NPM packages.

nsq.js NSQ client actually written in javascript

pipermail-bot The esdiscuss bot

ppunit Test framework that supports parallelization and promises

pull-request Fork, Commit and Pull Request via the GitHub API

racker Robust Rackspace cloudfiles client

reap Monitor and unlink old files

rnode Make node become really random, useful when checking you have no race conditions

scythe Recursive file cleaner

segmentio-integration integration base prototype

segmentio-integrations server-side integrations

selenium-mocha run selenium tests in the browser

sfs Simple file store service

simple-queue-service Simple interface to amazon's simple queue service

situation Conveniently write status updates to a stream.

symfio-contrib-auth Authentication plugin. Uses tokens.

testit Because the world needs a simpler testing framework

tldr Simplified and community-driven man pages

todo Todos in the CLI like what.

trace-json Distributed tracing library

traces Distributed tracing library

transform The ultimate transformation/build/compilation middleware/command line/etc. system for node.js

up cloudup command-line executable

up-time Zero downtime reloads for Node HTTP(S) servers. Forked from LearnBoost because 'up' package name has been repurposed for cloudup.

workforce A cluster manager inspired by Learnboost's cluster.

zombie Insanely fast, full-stack, headless browser testing using Node.js

zombie-w folk from zombie, add encoding detect to it. Just for chinese website, because many of them don't have encoding in http headers, and this will be impossible for the original zombie to handle

zoom-component zoom in on elements

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