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async-logging async-logging working with cluster ~0.5.0

bedrock A lightweight Bedrock client for Node.

caesar An easy-to-use advanced cryptography library.

cocaine Node.js framework for Cocaine platform

deputydb Map-Reduce Buckets and Directory Queries for Leveldb

evo-cords Evo Cloud Neural Network Central Cords

evo-neuron Evo Cloud Network Infrastructure

express-droonga A framework for building scalable realtime web API services for Express

fluent-logger fluent-logger implementation for node.js inspired by [fluent-logger-python].

gossiper node-gossip implements a gossip protocol

grunt-html-builder Build HTML sites

inform-shared Shared libraries for the inform client and daemon libraries.

jampack unpack msgpack just how you like

jubatus Jubatus client for Node.js (unofficial)

level-msgpack The msgpack encoding for level.

metlog Metrics logging

mqtt-rpc This module provides an rpc interface for MQTT.

msfnode Metasploit RPC client for nodejs

msgpack-fs Roll up a file or directory with MessagePack

msgpack-rpc ERROR: No file found!

msgpackup Add msgpack as a levelup leveldb encoding

node-document-serializer-msgpack Serializer adapter `msgpack` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

nroonga A library for building groonga powered nodes

rabbit RabbitMQ powered distributed job management.

redis-simple-rpc Simple RPC with Redis lists

respond-to Responds to requests in the desired format, the DRY way (based on Rails).

simple-secrets simple, opinionated library encrypting small packets of data

td Node.js client for Treasure Data

underscore-cli Command-line interface to underscore.js - useful for shell scripting and JSON processing

zerorpc A port of ZeroRPC to node.js

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