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admin A generic, modular admin interface for node

dat real-time replication and versioning for large tabular data sets

lev CLI/REPL/TUI for levelDB/Nodebase

level-agile multilevel client and server with various data transforms for inserting into leveldb

level-channels A simpler way to selectively stream future or historic changes in leveldb.

level-json-edit Taking editing json to the next level with multilevel.

level-live-stream_issues_7 a test case for live stream stack overflow due to sublevel objects getting sent to stream serilizer.

level-multiserver a tiny multilevel server to use from the commandline

level-party open a leveldb handle multiple times

level-pubsub leveldb based pub-sub

level-sandbox Host your LevelDB inside a sandbox

level-server Standalone LevelDB file server.

level-socket backend server that exposes a leveldb over authenticated cross domain websockets

level-user client side library for moving data over a level-socket

level-userdb-bench Benchmark/performance/stress-test for level-userdb

level-userdb-cli CLI interface to level-userdb and level-userdb-server databases

level-userdb-server Standalone server for level-userdb

levelmeup Level Me Up Scotty! An intro to Node.js databases via a set of self-guided workshops.

levelweb A front end for leveldb

liver update page markup when a leveldb database changes

lvl-client a leveldb client

lvl-serve serve a level db

multilevel-bench Benchmarks for various databases talked to from node.js

multilevel-client multilevel client that automatically reconnects

multilevel-connect Connect to multilevel by an address string

multilevel-feed multilevel server and browser client with a level-livefeed manifest

multilevel-reconnected this is a reconnecting and stream resuming multilevel client wrapper.

nimoy ▲▽ ::

pkp Public Key Pen

pks Public Key Server; an invite-only-approach with built in master-master replication.

soldair-jsla-leveltalk about the levels!

trippy another graph database for level

uberlev commandline and REPL access for uberlevel

workflow n/a

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