Packages depending on mustache

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html-store ERROR: No file found!

hubot-heroku-deploy-notifier A hubot script that notifies of heroku app deploys

hubot-statuscake Use hubot to send StatusCake status messages to your chat room.

i18n-node Super simple i18n library with express middleware and Mustache syntax

i18n-yaml lightweight translation module with dynamic json storage (with yaml support)

ice-framework A utility framework which provides helpful functionality, primarily for the P Framework.

inca easy mix of mustaches and jsons

ipapp IPapp is an Instant Places application generator. It will create the basic application structure, contact points and will keep your manifest file updated in the process.

jian Some JavaScript Object tools

jive-sdk Node.js framework for building purposeful places

json2css Convert JSON into pre-processor ready CSS

json2fontcss Converter from JSON to font variables for CSS

kennel Client+Server MVC-framework written in JavaScript

koji Modular CoffeeScript client-side framework

ksp Kissy Simple Pie

kublai a easy to use mbtile server

litb-packager litb packager tools

locco Partial Docco port with no Pygmentize dependencies

login-mongo Simple authentication/users back-end using MongoDB

lowkick Simplifies running and verifying cross-browser tests on command-line.

mailpress A wiring up of node-mailer to templates.

mailtruck POST route to email address

mapbox.js mapbox javascript api

mardow Markdown Viewer

markab An instant web frontend dev tool

markdown-resume Turn a simple markdown document into a resume in HTML and PDF

marked-html Renders Markdown as full HTML pages using marked, mustache, and highlight.js.

markstache Markdown and Mustache: Two great tastes together at last.

mcms CommonJS compatible Minimal CMS

milo Milo ====

mix-tool tools for init and create mix project

mustache-express Use mustache, including partials, in Express 3

mustache-render render a mustache template from a template, view and optionally partials

mustacheplus 为express中间件封装了一下,最重要是添加了模板嵌套特性

mustachex mustachex makes using the mustache templating engine in express really simple

mustachio Mustache templates (with View Helpers!)

mustang A command-line tool for mustache template, generating outputs from various data sources

mux-scaffold ux 脚手架

mwm Maxmertkit widget manager. It is like npm for css. Check out for more info.

my-bit-blog ERROR: No file found!

my-bit-blog2 ERROR: No file found!

nando Pre configured http module.

neat Neat is a project structure for nodejs combined with a customizable command line tool

newrepo A handy module to make a new repo directory with common files.

node-opcua pure nodejs OPCUA SDK

node-red A visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things

node-rpc Simple ExpresJS middleware for RPC over Http.

node-stream-tv Node module to handle RMTP streaming.

nodemailer-templates Template objects to render templated emails such as {{}} for nodemailer.

nodlr Express middleware for embedding your Tumblr blog in an Express app.

nopar Abstrakt Node Package Registry & Proxy

npm-builder Stop the copy paste madness. Set up your repo with one command.

npm2arch Convert NPM package to a PKGBUILD for ArchLinux

odgn-express-mustache a Mustache view engine for Express

opensubtitles-client opensubtitles API & command line subtitles downloader

opmext-brix opm 的 brix 扩展

opmext-project opm的project项目包配置支持

orangeejs Install ==== install virtual pc 4.2 (lg does not support 4.3)

p-framework A socket based, real time web framework.

pagemaker merges together markdown with a HTML template

paqui Dead simple, packager-agnostic client-side package manager for component developers

pd-fileutils A set of utilities for Pure Data files : parser, image generator.

perspective-client License -------

phantalyzer A PhantomJS script for running Wappalyzer over many sites using a headless Webkit browser

phantom-jasmine Phantom test runner for Jasmine

pm2-web A web based monitor for PM2

postshuffle node.js based forum software

punch A fun and easy way to build modern websites

pusher.platform Pusher Platform is a framework for dynamic, small-to-medium sized Node.js-based websites

qjs Use the await keyword with Q promises to tame your async code ERROR: No file found! This provides an HTTP interface to Unless you are programmatically calling, console is the only interface you care. This is the core engine.

radiodan Programmable radios operating at web scale

rally-app-builder A node module that assists in the building of Rally Apps

rally-app-builder-grunt A node module that assists in the building of Rally Apps

raynos-testem Test'em 'scripts! Javascript Unit testing made easy.

reclinejs A simple but powerful data library for building data-oriented applications in pure Javascript

reveal-md reveal.js on steroids! Get beautiful reveal.js presentations from your Markdown files.

reveal.js The HTML Presentation Framework

reverse-mustache Reverse templating library for mustache, generating variables from a template's output

rho-contracts Racket-style Higher Order Contracts in Plain Javascript

ria-packager batch compressor for js and css. support mustache template.

rigid A dead simple static website generator using marked.

rutile Factory automation for Mobile Enterprise.

scaffold scaffolding library for node.js

scaffolding Application scaffolding for any project.

scaffoldit scaffolding library for node.js

scriptprobe Analyse third-party JavaScripts for performance and security before adding them to your website.

serve-filirom1 Simple command-line file / directory server built with connect

silly-builder "Silly" is a task runner

simple-analytics A simple web analytics server

singleconfig Single unified YAML/mustache config for node that can handle environment variables.

siteboot SiteBoot - node js web development framework

skull Create sketchs of projects and re-use.

slidify Markdown slides render engine

smilegrate A utility for making it easier to migrate databases in geddy.js

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