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bolt-relay bolt-relay is a web framework for cloud based automation connect bolt client.

cargoship Cargoship ===

chat Eventually consistent chat rooms via CRDT

cloudflash-bolt CloudFlash-bolt is a web framework for cloud based automation connect bolt client.

discovery-network A peer to peer discovery network in the cloud

hud pre-configured graphing for monitoring node stuff in real-time.

level-scuttlebutt Plugin to add persistence and querying [scuttlebutt]( documents stored in leveldb.

levelnet remote API for levelUP

mdm-tunnel Access network services behind a NAT

multilevel Expose a leveldb over the network.

multilevel-dev Expose a leveldb over the network.

mux-demux-net Generate TCP servers that serve MDM streams

mux-demux-shoe A mux demux connection through shoe!

mux-demux-ws mux-demux-ws ============

mux-memo A memoized mux-demux stream connection

muxy Wrapper around mux-demux that makes it symetric

nodeconf2013 All the packages you'll need for NodeConf!

peer-connection-shim Emulating peer connection in node & browser

peers peer2peer nodejs applications

pinoccio pinoccio api client.

pkp Public Key Pen

pks Public Key Server; an invite-only-approach with built in master-master replication.

role Develop services as single processes, deploy them as multiple.

rpc-multistream Similar to rpc-stream but remote functions can return streams.

rpc-with-streams [rpc-stream]( but with streams

scuttlebutt-remote connect to remote scuttlebutt collections. such as [level-scuttlebutt](

signal-channel A signal channel that empowers webrtc

slidey-termy slides with images and terminals

stormflash stormflash provides remote application lifecycle management on any arbitrary endpoint

thalassa-aqueduct Dynamic haproxy load balancer and configuration. Part of Thalassa

thalassa-crowsnest A vantage point for Thalassa

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