Packages depending on mysql

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aa-mysql a simple and flexible MySql library for Node.js

Accessor_MySQL A MySQL database wrapper, provide easy access to database without writing SQL code

actionserver full-stack framework for web apps

alajs nodeJs mvc framework

aliyun-sdk Aliyun SDK for JavaScript

any-db-mysql The MySQL adapter for any-db

apple-mail-archiver Apple Mail Archive Utility

audit_sequelize Wrapper around sequelize(a open source ORM for node.js) to audit each insert, update, delete operation

auto-trade 自动交易A股

autodafe mvc framework for node with mysql orm, web sockets support, logging, routing, user roles etc

axs-db DB manager

backbone-mysql A sync module for Backbone.js and Node.js for use with MySQL

bass-migrations Migration library for BASS

batch-importer Database Batch Importer

bb-server A bare bones http server

beetea-server beetea is a super lightweight framework to build APIs with stantdard and custom REST and security policies

bitstupid The most minimal personal status service

blacksmith-apprentice blacksmith migration tool for blogs

blkswan MySQL migration generator

bluemix Node.js helper module for IBM BlueMix

boltcm-newsletter-sender Sends the Newsletters of your @BoltCM installation!

bootstrap-blog Express and Twitter Bootstrap powered blogging

bsjs OpenSource JavaScript library for Server/Client Env.

cake-db A database migrate module with cake task

caradoc node js framework

caradoc-sql service SQL for caradoc framework

caradoc-user default user for caradoc framework

cartography-models Sequelize model framework used in cartography systems.

catalog A object oriented database wrapper

cavia Key-value on top of SQL

cf-runtime Cloud Foundry API module

clayjs clayjs mvc framework

clever-orm Clevertech ORM (SQL) Module for CleverStack

climax Pooler for multiple resources

cmbot A full featured bot for Private npm registry and web for Enterprise, base on MySQL and Simple Store Service

cnx-node Db client mgmt for Node.js

co-mysql a mysql wrapper for co or koa

codekart a Node.js MVC Framework

codingscene Web app for coding events, problems, contacts

cody Cody CMS

collagen-mysql MySQL back-end storage for Collagen.js models.

connection-pool Connection pooling logic for use with any service

core Core Libs

core-test Core Libs

cs ES6-based framework for Node.js

ctx-old Front-end package management, publish tools for CI & automation

ctx-old-ftp-updated Front-end package management, publish tools for CI & automation

currencyjs A free currency converter for NodeJS - uses the European Central Bank's daily feed for accuracy

cv-core Core Library that includes functionality used by all services

dal A relation-ship aware database access layer

damonyanglong Nodejs-Mysql-Manager ====================

data-mapper-js A lightweight data access tool supporting Postgres and MySql today.

database-cleaner Database Cleaner for node.js

database-tools tools to maintain mysql databases

db Easy access to dynamo, ds, mongodb, redis

db-builder Simple devops database build toolkit

db-stuff db-stuff

db-test Node module to aid in database testing

db2md Markdown documentation generator of DB structure

dbcover A Promise/A+ Based Object Relational Mapping Module With Cache(Memcached/Redis) Enabled For Mysql/PostgreSQL/more. [under development]

dbdoc Database documentation generator

dbtool help to execute sql query in SQL database, it is just support mysql, mssql, oracle with simple sql in current version.

debt This is the future home of the most amazing bug tracker ever.

diet-mysql Dead simple no-sql like mysql wrapper. This MySQL runs on Diet.

django-session Node module for read Django session data

dl DreamLab Libs

drupal Implementation of parts of Drupal’s user/access control API.

easy-mysql Light MySQL query wrapper with connection pooling.

easydb Take away the pain of writing SQL statements and running queries.

easyrep A nodejs based reporting framework

ee-mysql-connection mysql connection abstraction for ee-orm

egserver An web framework for

ehancer-ide ERROR: No file found!

elegant Open Source, Clean and Flexible NodeJs Web Framework With Beautiful Code, Easy to Learn And All the Power of Node

emysql Enhanced MySQL Pool for Node.js

enterprisejs Enterprise support for JS server application

ep_frontend_community A closed pad system, with no public pads. The pad system is aranged in groups, evry pad is assigned to a group, just as users. Users can edit any pad of their groups and also create new group pads. This is also a frontend to manage users and groups.

ep_user_pad With the user_pad plugin it's possible to create password saved pads in groups. It's a User-Management System. It allows User to register, authenticate, to create groups and to create pads in groups. This package is the admin part of the system.

ep_user_pad_frontend With the user_pad plugin it's possible to create password saved pads in groups. It's a User-Management System. It allows User to register, authenticate, to create groups and to create pads in groups. This package is the frontend part

excaffold Express complement , like Rails scaffold

execsql Execute you *.sql file which contains multiple sql statements. Usate: init database.

express-admin MySql, MariaDB, SQLite and PostgreSQL database admin built with Express and Bootstrap.

express-bootstrap ERROR: No file found!

express-mysql mysql session store for Connect

express-mysql-session A MySQL session store for express.js

express-seed An empty website using nodejs + express + handlerbars + sass + bower + grunt + mysql.

ExpressMVC An MVC framework that should be familiar tenough to PHP developers to allow them to get up and running very quickly."

ext-server An application server having the class system which is compatible with Ext JS

factory-mysql-fixtures Factory to load fixtures on mysql database

faire Text list management, useful for todo lists.

FastLegS PostgreSQL ORM on top of node-postgres

file-e-coyote easy public/private file storage and retrieval

flint Modern Development Toolkit

fortune-relational Relational database adapters for Fortune.

frakture-utility Frakture Utilities and extensions

generator-genlaravel A Yeoman generator for Laravel

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