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advtxt An engine for text-based adventure games.

azure-tablestorage-jugglingdb azure table storage adapter for jugglingdb ORM

browser-search Server sided indexing, browser sided search

cn-search Redis search for node.js,support chinese

disruptor Distributed real-time computation system.

fulltext-engine levelquery-engine plugin to index and perform full-text search indexing of documents in levelup/leveldb

gender-neutral A node module that neutralizes gender specific text.

github-natural github text analysis

glossary Term extraction module

gramophone extracts most frequently used keywords and phrases from text

harvestgoogle A tool for harvesting Google Calendar events into the Harvest time tracker

ingen An event driven, fully customizable, static site generator for node.

inverted-index inverted-index for level with pagination, sift3/cosine distance and tf-idf ranking

kn A port of Brian Romanowski's Java-based open source Kneser-Ney language model, according to Chen and Goodman's kneser-ney-mod-fix description, to nodejs using the 'natural' npm package.

krake-slave Starts a slave process that listens to the central queue for scrape jobs to process

kss NodeJS port of kss: A methodology for documenting CSS and generating styleguides

kssnode NodeJS port of kss: A methodology for documenting CSS and generating styleguides

lancasterstemmer-stream A stream that takes text and emits arrays of stemmed text

lastfm-autocorrect An objectMode transform stream that attempts to auto-correct and enhance track metadata using's correction API, Levenstein distance and SoundEx.

levels leveldb full text search for node.js

license-sniffer Detect the license of node.js projects and their dependencies

mongoose-fts Full-text search for Mongoose based on aheckmann/mongoose-keywordize and visionmedia/reds.

mongoose-fulltext Fulltext search plugin for mongoose odm and mongodb.

mongoose-search-plugin mongoose full-text search plugin

mono Web Framework, Ruby on Rails clone

moonlit ERROR: No file found!

near-dup-detection a simple near duplicate detection by Shingling method

nfl-teams Identify NFL teams from full names, nicknames, and malformed names.

node-index A super simple in memory search index based on Term Frequency–Inverse Document Frequency using the awesome natural module.

nodejitsu-handbook A gentle introduction to the art of nodejitsu

petri petri

recipe-parser simple recipe parsers

reds Redis search for node.js

redsindex Branch of Reds (Redis search for node.js)

redsip Redis search (with word prefix) for node.js

resting-mongoose RESTify Mongoose Models in Express/NodeJS

search-index A text search index module for Node.js. Search-index allows applications to add, delete and retrieve documents from a corpus. Retrieved documents are ordered by tf-idf relevance, filtering on metadata, and field weighting

summarizely Text summarization tool

synonym Display synonyms for a word on your CLI

tensify Convert verbs from present to past tense

Timeliner.Core Base module for Timeliner.Index and Timeliner.Search.

tired Helper for building REST clients for existing APIs

triplie An IRC conversation simulator (chatbot) utilising Markov chains, Hebbian networks and information theory.

wintersearch Simple full-text search for Wintersmith

wordpos wordpos is a set of part-of-speech utilities for Node.js using natural's WordNet module.

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