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appnet A library for communicating with the web services API.

arsenic-logger Simple, easy to read log statements with stack trace in Node.js. Now supports the ArsenicLogger cloud logging service.

automatic Automatic API Node.js module

cdn Upload your files to alipay cdn.

concurixjs Node.js Real-time Visual Profiler and Debugger

couchfs ## PUT

crawlit A node.js crawler support custom crawl rules for special site with a plugin.

daily-standup Command-line tool for posting what you did today and the GitHub commits from yesterday to HipChat.

designer-news Designer News API client

dwca-reader A library that reads Darwin Core Archives with loading functions for mongo and elastic search.

entry UPnP library that works.

fontello-cli Command line interface for Fontello.

gbif-namefinder Node Library for interacting with GBIF's Name Finder API to detect scientific names in OCR.

google-calendar Google Calendar API for Node.js

google-calendar-gaurav Google Calendar API for Node.js with a few urgent fixes

google-search-parser Google Search ads and results parser

google-search-parser-4hype Google Search ads and results parser

grunt-fontello Download font library from

grunt-phonegap-build Build phonegap app via

grunt-phonegap-build-tom Build phonegap app via

grunt-sauce-apps-api A grunt task for deploying an app to Sauce via the partner API

hajstory_client hajstory titanium client for restful APIs calls

hipchatter Wrapper for the HipChat API (v2)

hue-hacking-node Utility to control Philips Hue light bulbs

imgbi Simple command-line client and Node.js library for use

insight-dashboard Dashboard to expose the health and properties of applications running in production

jscrambler JScrambler API client.

kd Koding KD CLI

kuaipan this is nodejs sdk for 金山快盘.

layervault LayerVault API client

leto Leto - Spawn new projects from templates

limelight_proxy A proxy for delivering Limelight media.

mercadolibre Mercadolibre SDK module for integration

network Cross platform network utilities for Node.js (gateway_ip, MAC address, etc)

noflo-image Image processing utilities for browser and sNode.js NoFlo.

npmup Cli tool to overview dependencies in package.json

oschina OSChina api for Node.js

prey They can run but they can't hide.

pub-mon-voisin Get free paper brand catalog - Only for France - pub-mon-voisin module is used by

quartermaster quartermaster is a small library to create compressed binary packages for distribution

rainforest Rainforest CLI NodeJS

request2 Consistent promise and event-driven API for performing HTTP/JSON requests

rjmetrics RJMetrics Client Library for Javascript

sept sept ======

shoveover Pushover API client

smhi-node Node.js wrapper for the SMHI API

stress-test Tiny nodejs stress tester.

ticketonrails Ticket on Rails Api Client

versal-sdk Versal Gadget SDK with command-line interface.

vin Looks up a VIN from [Decode This](

waybo A simple web-weibo base on nodejs.

wod Generate a random CrossFit Workout Of the Day

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