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auidocjs AUIDoc from YUIDoc

blode A simple static site/blog generator like jekyll.

bmrest-docker Automatic documentation creation for the Bmrest library

brest-docker Automatic documentation creation for the Brest library

cm-engine Content management redefined.

dopecukes A speedy tool for generating pretty, living documentation from your cucumber features.

easydoc A simple technical documentation site with markdown files

explainjs Creates a side-by-side view of source JavaScript with the authors explanation.

fis-cloud-app-fisrepo fis-cloud-app-fisrepo

fis-cloud-app-repos fis-cloud-app-repos

Frenchpress A simple content management system inspired by flat file CMSs such as Toto and Jekyll

grunt-style-temtem The best Grunt plugin ever.

handrit multi engine powered micro cms

html-builder Don't write html, use a layout and and populate it with partials.

jen jen static site generator

kel Kel is a ridculously simple blog-aware markdown static site generator.

markdoc Render documentation written in markdown into a single pretty html file

markdown-html Command line tool for markdown to html conversion.

markdown-wiki A Bidirectional WikiText to Markdown converter.

markpoint Convert markdown into HTML presentations

md2jekyllhtml Converts GitHub-Flavored Markdown into Jekyll-style HTML

md4template markdown for template engine

milo Milo ====

ncm Node Content Manager ====================

nervecentre the proxy and static server for neuron framwork on alpha

nmd node based command line markdown parser

node-gollum When developing one of my project, I wanted to make a website with my GitHub project's wiki integrated into it. is a filesystem based blog that uses *.md for content and integrates with node and express.

nodepress A nodejs micro-blog engine

nougit A Tasty Git Client

omega A real-time issue tracker optimized for small teams

onepage Static one-page site generator

owldoc A JavaScript prose documentation generator.

pop3-n3 POP3 server for node.js

reed Redis + markdown blogging/website core

rumba a blogging engine for Express apps, written in CoffeeScript

screwpresscms A lightweight CMS platform built on node.js with verboten.js

simple-blog A simple, session-free and extendable blogging platform.

spry Markdown to index.html file tool (with twitter bootstrap)

stasi STAtic SIte Generator

stasi-plugin-pages-markdown A page plugin for stasi, rendering pages and posts in markdown format

stat-bang Tool for managing markdown/html/etc content for my/your personal site

stitch-up CommonJS packaging tool adding package.json support to Stitch

tilemill A modern map design studio.

typhoon Minimalist blog engine

wallaby-blog CouchDB-based blog engine for nodejs

watchmark watchmark is a small command line tool to watch a markdown files, parse and compile them to html and reflect the changes to a browser in real time using

wrapit web server for wrapping files (like js files) in a header and footer (like a require call)

yuidocjs-versative YUIDoc, YUI's JavaScript Documentation engine.

yuidog Modified YUIDoc for dog documentation generation

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