Packages depending on node-static

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screw-node-static node-static for arcabouco-js

scripted A fast and lightweight browser based code editor

seatools Provide build, test and other tools for Sea.js developers.

server-cli Start a server from command-line in your current folder

seshata generate an interactive api docs for your app

show-markup show markup file on browser at realtime

sitescript Static site thingie inspired by scriptogram.

sockethub A polyglot messaging service

sserve Light-weight static file server

stackmobserver StackMob Server for JS SDK

stubby a lightweight server for stubbing external systems and endpoints

test-agent execute client side tests from browser report back to cli

test-agent-debug execute client side tests from browser report back to cli

thinair PITA-less Web Development Framework built with Node.js

tycho A real-time multiplayer game framework for node.js

waffle シンプルなWEBアプリケーションフレームワークです。(ALL YOUR NODE ARE BELONG TO US)

web-http-client a web based http client

webcam-snow An application that uses the web camera and the hand movements changing the snow direction in the page.

webdriverNode A nodejs bindings implementation for selenium 2.0/webdriver

weekee A wiki base git and markdown, power by Node.js, and can be use with connect or express

wshost A generic host for exposing objects as web services.

xerography builds a site based solely on a

yode-server a simple command-line http server with web-framework and cms

zest-server Server-side component rendering

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