Packages depending on node-xmpp

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bedtime oEmbed consumer service over XMPP

bosh A simple BOSH middleware

bots Build robust networks of bots that can react to events

channel-server buddycloud channels service for XMPP

druid NodeJS Jabber bot framework

facebook-chat Simple Facebook Chat XMPP client

fb-chat Simple Facebook Chat XMPP client compatible with Node 0.8

hubiquitus-node hServer implementation of the Hubiquitus Framework

hubot-barbabot A Barbabot adapter for hubot

hubot-gtalk A GTalk adapter for hubot

hubot-gtalk-gluck A GTalk adapter for hubot

hubot-gtalk-hwong A GTalk adapter for hubot

hubot-gtalk-itsbalamurali A GTalk adapter for hubot

hubot-gtalk2 A GTalk adapter for hubot

hubot-gtalk3 A fork of a fork of GTalk adapter for hubot. So far the only difference is that it can send an array of messages each as a separate chat message rather than a single wall of text.

hubot-hipchat A Hipchat adapter for Hubot

hubot-orgspan Orgspan adapter for Hubot.

hubot-xmpp XMPP adapter for Hubot.

jab xmpp client

junction Essential XMPP middleware for Node.js.

kabam-plugin-chat-xmpp Chat feature for kabam using xmpp

monsieur-bot Simple XMPP MUC bot

neojs Node enhanced objects, event driven OOP pattern. Includes useful modules for different tasks.

nobot A simple bot for HipChat

node-hashblue-live Hashblue Live is a project inside O2 Labs to build a streaming API on top of our mobile network. Right now we have inbound SMS working, but we're working on getting more.

node-xmpp-joap Jabber Object Access Protocol (XEP-0075) library for node-xmpp

node-xmpp-logger Logger for node-xmpp

porygonz IRC/XMPP bot that works

rmrost Remove pesky XMPP roster entries

sawrocket-xmpp xmpp connection on raw socket api

simple-xmpp Simple High Level NodeJS XMPP Library

simpler-xmpp Possibly Simpler High Level NodeJS XMPP Library

superfeedr A package to interact with Superfeedr's API and get pushed RSS/atom content

talker-xmpp ERROR: No file found!

whisperer IRC-like client wrapper around `node-xmpp`

wobot A plugin-based HipChat bot.

xmpp-client High level xmpp client for node.js

xmpp-muc XMPP MUC handler

xmpp-server XMPP server based on node-xmpp

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