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3vot-salesforce-proxy Salesforce Production NodeJS Proxy Server that translates SF-REST-API into standard REST to be consumed by BackboneJS, SpineJS, Angular, Ember, etc. It includes an OAUTH Authentication Strategy for OAUTH 2.0 Password and Server and Cookie Stateless Session Management for infinite scalability

abu Jasmine test skeleton builder for Tetra.js

ace-sdk-js Aliyun ACE SDK for Javascript

anagram a simple anagram generator

appstackr browser app packager - package your browser clients in simple and centralized way and build them for CDN deployment

apw APW (Arch-Plans-Workers) [![Build Status](]( ========================

atoum.js The modern, simple and intuitive PHP 5.3+ unit testing framework, now for JS

auquery Selenium-powered JQuery-like automation library

autopolyfiller Precise polyfills. Like Autoprefixer, but for JavaScript polyfills

aws-setup A Node Module and Command Line Tool for initializing AWS setups via JSON, YAML or JS scripts.

batchsky A http Batch API server with support for chunked-streaming.

bem BEM Tools

bilder-reporter report deployments via slack, hipchat & gmail

brokowski RESTful publish/subscribe toolkit including broker, publisher and subscriber

cca Run Chrome Apps on mobile using Apache Cordova

codepainter A JavaScript beautifier that can both infer coding style and transform code to reflect that style. You can also set style preferences explicitly in a variety of ways.

coffeebreak Test runner for Mocha

coffeemiddle coffee-middleware like less-middleware

coke A full stack MVC framework that speeds up your web development.

component-builder-ignore Ignore components from component build. It's helpful together with the noRequire option.

component-dev-build Development build plugin for component.js. This builder creates a subfolder with singlefiles of your project.

configs-overload Load configs with ease

couchdb-model A simple CouchDB abstraction for NodeJS built on [nano](

csi siq client-side infrastructure

cushion-cli Command line tool for CouchDB based on cushion.

deploy-it 远程部署工具

docular Extensible Documentation Generation Based on AngularJS's Documentation Generation

dos2unix A Node.js module to convert text files with DOS line breaks to Unix line breaks, i.e. like using `dos2unix`.

dreamface Cloud Application Development Platform designed to build mobile and web applications

duffel-cms Enables one to embed editible regions within nunjucks templates

easy-express Express with sockets (+sessions), session, file server (for yeoman fast debug), rpc: with just 1 line

elections A nodejs app for tracking candidates' campaign offers and for serving as an information repository for voters.

ember-i18n-yaml-brunch Adds pre-compiling for ember-i18n using yaml for brunch

env-conf environment based configuration is a realtime API server.

express-form2 Form validation and data filtering for Express( compatible with COKE )

express-routes Route helper for Express

expressy Little web framework over expressApp/connect using jade.

filefog Cloud Storage API Wrapper supporting Box, Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive

forms-angular A form builder that sits on top of Angular.js, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI, Angular-UI, Express and Mongoose. Opinionated or what?

frontman Manage yaml frontmatter using cson from the command line

geekple GeekPLE for developers

github-cli github-cli ==

grunt-build-locale Grunt task to collect, merge and publish locale files.

grunt-contrib-genstatic generate static files according to html

grunt-custom-styleguide Creates a custom styleguide from (commented) CSS files.

grunt-expand-include-with-subs Grunt Task for Expanding Include Directives

grunt-origami-demoer Task for building demo pages for a module that conforms to the origami standard

grunt-ssi Compiles HTML with SSI into static HTML pages

grunt-symfony Grunt for Symfony2

grunt-underscore-jst Precompile Underscore template to KISSY Module or AMD module or jst file

gulp-extend A gulp plugin to extend (merge) json contents

gulp-layoutize Render contents of input files through a templating engine (powered by consolidate.js)

gulp-notify A plugin for Gulp to send notification messages (Mac, Linux and Windows

gulp-wrap A gulp plugin to wrap the stream contents with a lodash template.

gulp-wrap-layout A gulp plugin to wrap the stream contents with a lodash template.

heartrate A Bluethooth Low Energy heart rate stream.

heroku.js Node.js library for interaction with the Heroku API.

irobot A human-friendly implementation of the iRobot Open Interface version 2 API.

json-file-plus Read from and write to a JSON file, minimizing diffs and preserving formatting.

jsreport javascript based business reporting

jstatico As simple as static web site generation gets.

juju a wrapper for Juju, a service orchestration tool

kaapi Highly-Opinionated, Mocha-based Spec runner

kissy-xtemplate XTemplate compiler for KISSY

kollavarsham Convert Gregorian date to Kollavarsham date and vice versa

krunch A simple build and watch tool for javascript, html and less/css.

less-middleware LESS.js middleware for connect.

lighthouse-client A NodeJS client for Lighthouse

ljmmm-parse Library for parsing LabJack Modbus Map Markup documents.

lockit Authentication solution for Express

maglev Preconfigured simple NodeJS framework

mammock Mammock is a node.js service mocking framework designed to be quick and easy, allowing developers to fill the "missing gaps" in services during development.

meat Meeting room kiosk app for displaying meeting room schedules and booking rooms in your organization. Built against Google Apps, but other sources can be defined.

microcrawler Micro implementation of crawler

microscratch Light Weight Web Framework using node.js, mongo, sockets, ember.js ...

mobile-pipe-for-tianma develop tool for tianma

mongofb Mongo Firebase

mongoose-fulltext Fulltext search plugin for mongoose odm and mongodb.

mono Web Framework, Ruby on Rails clone

n-app-conf Simple application configuration utility that loads configuration values from a .json-formatted file and allows overrides to be provided via environment variables.

ng-classify Compile CoffeeScript classes to AngularJS modules

node-oiio A simple OpenImageIO wrapper

node-resourcer This module attempts to ease the loading and parsing of resource files into the application. It'll load automatically any file of a known format into a hash. That hash will be structured accordingly to the folder structure.

node-web-repl Add a web-based read/eval/print/loop to your Node.js app (useful for debugging)

node.flow A deadly simple flow control package for node.js

node.missions node missions, supports serial or paiallel, pls enjoy it!

node.svntail node svn server hook extend

nsq Node NSQ client tools

nss Node Style Sheets: A CSS Preprocessor in JavaScript Syntax

object-cache Cache the object into json files

odata-cli odata client for node.js

oils Oils js framework built on top of Express.

omnis.core Full Stack Web Application

owlin-connect ## Installing You can install the Owlin NodeJS API Connector with the Node Package Manger. ``` npm install owlin-connect ```

passthrough Tiny utility classes for web apps.

pho-devstack This is an EXPERIMENTAL SOFTWARE! Use it at your own risk. There will be BREAKING CHANGES and probably no documentation before 1.0, just installation instructions.

qns Qiyi Node Server

rain A component-based and distributed web application framework

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