Packages depending on nodeunit

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alfred-bcrypt A bcrypt library for NodeJS.

algorithmbox A metaheuristic algorithm development framework for solving discrete optimization problem

aliyun aliyun oss service nodejs service

apic.js REST API JavaScript Client Generator

arp Read the ARP table to find MAC addresses

at_scheduler AT event scheduler for your node

auto-grunt A task-based command line auto build tool for static resource.

awesome awesome framework

bakery-commons bakery-commons ==============

beam Streams and Pipes revised for analytics

beans Build tasks for CoffeeScript projects targeting Node and the browser.

browser-soupselect Adds CSS selector support to htmlparser for scraping activities - port of soupselect (python). Browser package contains htmlparser and soupselect

callback-memoize Memoize that handles async-functions

cavia Key-value on top of SQL

checkpoint Nodeunit pretty reporter

chessjs A chess engine.

date-reader A small library for guessing date formats and automatically extracting Date objects from strings

deputydb Map-Reduce Buckets and Directory Queries for Leveldb

doremi-script Letter music notation processor

draccus Writes messages from SQS to S3

drty Django port to node.js

drty-facebook Adding Facebook support to drty

easyrep A nodejs based reporting framework

eep Embedded Event Processing in Node.js

ejdb EJDB - Embedded JSON Database engine

enginemill Making it easier to build awesome stuff on the web.

express-controller Framework for controllers in express

express-on-railway RailwayJS - Ruby-on-Rails inspired MVC web framework

fakeweb HTTP request interception, inspired by chrisk/fakeweb

falkor HTTP Level Functional Testing Library

firegem-rest A REST API for node.js sitting on top of mongoose. Ideal for use with KendoUI.

gearnode Gearman client/worker module for Node.JS

ghiraldi-base-admin Part of the Ghiraldi framework set of base plugins, this plugin is used as the basis for administrative interfaces in a ghiraldi app. By itself, it doesn't do much, but serves as a base for other administrative interfaces.

ghiraldi-base-role The ghiraldi role plugin is part of the ghiraldi base package of plugins.

ghiraldi-base-user The ghiraldi user plugin is part of the ghiraldi base package of plugins. It provides the generalized concept of a user, which can be built upon to provide a robust user type.

ghiraldi-plugin-registry The plugin registry allows for the registration of plugins into a central store and provides access to plugin properties for other controllers. This is particularly useful for things like the admin core plugin, which uses the registry to build the admin views for controllers.

ghiraldi-schema-registry Creates a schema registry that can be used to store and retrieve Ghiraldi schemas.

ghiraldi-simple-logger A simple logging utility that uses events to customize and extend logging responses.

ghiraldi-views-engine The views engine allows creates an abstraction for views, so any templating engine can be used.

gouitest Run Nodeunit unit tests.

grunt-contrib-nodeunit Run Nodeunit unit tests.

gulp-nodeunit Gulp nodeunit runner

gulp-nodeunit-runner A nodeunit test runner plugin for Gulp

htf-viewer a pretty viewer and file watcher for HTF tests from cabal projects

html-minify minify html, and any CSS or JS included in your markup

html-scrabble Multi user Scrabble game

html-ui HTML user interface builder.

image-compare Compares a collection of images against a target image, returns the image in the collection that closest resembles the target image.

jsregress Javascript statistical library

jtd-xml-to-json Takes XML output from JS Test Driver and convert it into JSON

justtest Unit tests with JSDOM wrapper.

kicad2svg Converts KiCad files to SVGs

maverick lightweight pluggable ORM

meta-test framework for writing unit test frameworks

mongoose-schema-registry Creates a schema registry that can be used to store and retrieve mongoose schemas.

mr-wolf Distributed work-queue for nodejs

n-app-conf Simple application configuration utility that loads configuration values from a .json-formatted file and allows overrides to be provided via environment variables.

net-morphic ERROR: No file found!

netmorphic ERROR: No file found!

neural-node Neural network for NodeJs

neuralnode Neural network

node-env-config Environment Configuration Module

node-interceptor HTTP & HTTPS request interceptor that allows to define which fixture (JSON object) to return, inspired by jQuery.fixture, thegreatape/fakeweb and ppcano/fixtures.

node-lol-client League of Legends API Client for Node

nodecover A lightweight, pure javascript code coverage tool and library for nodejs

nodeframe A modular web application framework based-on popular node technologies (express, swig and etc.).

nodetoy A REST/JSON backend

nodeunit-ci Simple nodeunit runner for ci

nodeunit-dsl A simple DSL built on top of nodeunit

nodeunit-jsdom jsdom wrapper for testing front-end js with nodeunit

nodeunit-watcher nodeunit wrapper for continuous testing.

nomniture Omniture API module

north framework for fast develop realtime applications on websocket

notifyit Simple notification tool, designed to publish notifications.

ntf Network Testing Framework

ntfd Network Testing Framework Daemon

nutest wrapper for nodeunit.

openstreetmap-mongo Store Openstreetmap data in Mongo DB

openstreetmapmongo Store Openstreetmap data in Mongo DB

pbnj JavaScript protocol buffer schema parser and template based code generator

pulsar-rest-api REST API for executing Pulsar tasks.

qunit2node [QUnit]( adapter for [nodeunit](

rats rats - Realtime Analytics Tracking System

redis-autocompleter A redis completer using Sebastian's trie algorithm:

responder Responsive/Adaptive utilities for your Node.js application

restmvc A micro framework that helps you quickly build RESTful web services

restmvc.js A micro framework that helps you quickly build RESTful web services

rinuts-nodeunitDriver A nodeunit driver using rinuts. Enumerates and runs single nodeunit tests

scriptprobe Analyse third-party JavaScripts for performance and security before adding them to your website.

sequel-orm MySQL ORM that is easy to use, understand and enhance.

simple-ini Simple INI-parser

soupselect Adds CSS selector support to htmlparser for scraping activities - port of soupselect (python)

springbokjs Springbok JS Framework

tart-nodeunit Tart nodeunit

tbwdjs a wrapper for camme/webdriverjs to ease testing

testingbot a wrapper for camme/webdriverjs to ease testing

thrift node.js bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system

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