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accountant Double Entry Accounting

ahcli Node.js command line client for actionHero

ajs-xgettext Extract localised text from AJS templates

bashprompt A bash prompt framework in node.js

bower-clean Remove files (e.g. docs, tests, etc.) from installed bower component. For matching it uses minimatch.

ceres An experimental port of graphite's ceres backend.

chi-build Build scripts for the chi modules

circumflex Express-based Web Application Framework

cogstep a command-line tool for peer-to-peer personal data archiving, synchronization, and accessibility.

comics-feed Scrape comics strips from feed, embed the strip images and create a new feed

css-analyzer A simple tool to parse your CSS file and get selector and declaration counts.

css-sprite css sprite generator

cssparser parsing CSS document and transform to JSON format

cx Cloud transfer utility: for transfering files/blobs to and from the cloud.

dns-switcher allows tailing remote files

dork A very basic, api friendly, testing framework.

doxylua Provide a Doxygen Filter for lua files.

dynroute Dynamic DNS for your domain using Amazon Route53

edgar SEC Edgar database API

elasticsearch-exporter A utility for exporting data from one Elasticsearch cluster to another

eternal Monitor and restart long-running node processes.

evo-cloud Evo Cloud

evo-garage Evo Cloud Development Cluster Management

explode Tar exploding facility

firewatch Firefox OS memory watch

foounit Cross environment BDD test framework

fxconsole Remote JavaScript console for Firefox

gcontacts google contacts client

genapp A customizable generator application using fgen.

gihook Git web-hook receiver that created for run some code on push to git repo.

git-attach git extension for attaching patches to bugzilla

git-gh git extensions for github

github-changes generate changelog for github repos

gmail-safe Intelligent backup client for GMail.

goatee-script Goatee is the missing complement for handlebar mustaches.

goggles Peek at images from the command line

hackoregon-couch A CouchDB importer for Hack Oregon data.

hkstock-holdings Scrape HKExnews share holdings page and output JSON data

hut-build HTML UI Toolkit build tool

incubator A package-based parallel build system

infuse Mainline your node JavaScript for universal consumption.

jawk Interpreter for jawk, an awk-like data proccessing language with JavaScript syntax.

jencs clearsilver render engine, with a debugger

jig Jenkins-IRC-Github integration.

jirest CLI for JIRA's REST API

jison A parser generator with Bison's API

jison-lex lexical analyzer generator used by jison

jscombiner combine your js code use /* requires */ comments

jsonlint Validate JSON

jsonlint-lines Validate JSON with line numbers

jspot Extracts gettext strings from Javascript files into pot files

jsxgettext Extracts gettext strings from JavaScript, EJS, Jade, Jinja and Handlebars files.

jutil Command-line utilities for manipulating JSON

kranium Bigger brains for Titanium Mobile

labBuilder Construct your dependencies from a file or programatically

lazie NodeJS module that install my scripts JSHint and EditorConfig in some folder.

lebowski CLI client for

logbot Simple IRC logging.

logparty cleans up httparty logs

mailwurst Mailwurst is a forwarding SMTP server for development

mammoth Convert Word documents to simple HTML

mapchop A node.js script to handle breaking image maps into tile-based images for use in mapping applications.

mclean Ship Containers

meatspace-cleaver A read-only CLI for Meatspace Chat

mole Like 1Password for ssh tunnels and VPN connections, plus sharing within a team.

mongodb-migrations A migration framework for MongoDB

mongolab-partner MongoLab Partner API wrapper

more LESS is More!

moruga Debugging HTTP proxy

mpkg CLI for managing a Nolinio package server

mwm Maxmertkit widget manager. It is like npm for css. Check out for more info.

nearley Simple Earley parsing for JS

nearley-stream Simple Earley parsing for JS

NFO-Generator Generates an NFO for a video file

niftylettuce-replace Command line search and replace utility

node-quickly Quickly change directory on the console

nt Read, make, write, and hash check torrent files

nttpd A directory-based HTTP server for Node.js that executes Node files automatically

oils Oils js framework built on top of Express.

orderly Translates Orderly to JSON Schema

packer Simple port of /packer/ by Dean Edwards Node.js client and CLI utility for

peanut node.js cucumber implementation for the birds

picemb Embed pictures into HTML in base64 encoding.

pid-stats statsd for pids

platformjs-cli A simple command-line tool with git and npm convenience commands

pomodoro A simple CLI based pomodoro

pretty-data-cli A CLI to pretty-data package with file and stdin support

psm-traps command line trap forensic tool for BTI proNX Services Manager (psm).

psmc command line client for BTI proNX Services Manager (psm).

pushinator A simple server to push messages in realtime from your application to http clients, based on

replace Command line search and replace utility

rhapsody HMVC framework for NodeJS

rho Easy-to-{read,write,understand} semantic markup language for Node

rock Generate and scaffold file structures or project skeletons from templates.

sake [S]cripted-r[ake] -- a JavaScript build tool similar to rake, or make.

scrapebp Boilerplate code for a Node.js scraper with CLI

scythe Recursive file cleaner

seal Verify that packages installed during development match those installed in production

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