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semiquiz SemiQuiz — semantic quiz toolkit

serve-script Easily serve plain JS scripts to the browser with auto-generated HTML.

servemd Serve your Markdown files over HTTP

snocker Snocker =======

sparklexmlupdate Small utility for updating sparkle RSS feed files

spoor A CLI issue tracker abstraction.

squire Flexible front-end build tools

strider Brilliant continuous deployment platform

surfacecurve-sea surfacecurve-sea is a Javascript-like language

svg2path convert from svg to a path for icon sheets and also use with raphael

swell Isomorphic development in coffeescript

swt2ctx Convert Swiss-Chess Tournament (SWT) files into Chess Tournament Exchange (CTX) format

swtparser Parser for Swiss-Chess Tournament (SWT) files

tailr allows tailing remote files

taskng A simple CLI based task management tool

testpilot Promise-savvy testing framework.

thor-logs-cli a cli tool for thor logs

tsmc Compiles TypeScript Modules defined using tsm (typescript module definition)

tweetslurp Backs up tweets to a JSON file.

upptalk UppTalk client JavaScript library

webseeded-torrent-generator Generate webseeded torrent files from urls to files.

windtunnel Easy JavaScript testing

xkcd-password A module (and commandline) for generating XKCD-style passwords.

xkcdbot !xkcd!

xo-cli Basic CLI for Xen-Orchestra

yammerterm Yammer CLI tool using node.js

yardstick Cyclomatic dependency calculator for Javascript

ytdl A pure Javascript streaming youtube video downloader.

yui-clumper Create NPM-ready packages of specific YUI modules

yui-seeder Generate YUI module "seed" files, a collection of requirements

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