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backbone-nowjs Backbone connector for nowjs

breakout Gives you one simple way to write an API exposed over multiple transports

browser-harness Browser Harness ===============

coffeemate the coffee creamer!

compandme An express-based web development framework.

crudl-app coffeescript friendly generic app structure

dash RESTless Evented JavaScript

dbmon Database and Filesystem Monitor Utilities for Real Time Apps

djs A media sharing framework

draughtsman A development-oriented web server and proxy. Transparent compilation of templates, stylesheets and scripts for stackless HTML interface prototyping.

filepad FilePad is a file browser and editor built with node.js, coffeecript and nowpad

juicebox A Django inspired Node.js Web Framework.

Loggy Loggy is simple express server for remote logging with REST API and Wordpress plugin.

neojs Node enhanced objects, event driven OOP pattern. Includes useful modules for different tasks.

notification-server Based on NowJS, a standalone server for sending and receiving notification across different live users

now-middleware Enables a middleware API for hooking into the NowJS execution path.

now-mongoose Exposes MongooseJS models to NowJS clients.

now-sessions Uses now-middleware for NowJS to enable HTTP session lookup from a Connect-compliant session store when a new nowjs session is created.

nowpad Realtime Text Collaboration

omnode Omnode makes it possible to write entire web apps in 100% coffee

projectwatch Automatic test and preprocessor runner.

redis-autocompleter A redis completer using Sebastian's trie algorithm:

redis-completer A redis completer using Sebastian's trie algorithm:

ripple-core Ripple is an interactive audience response system that allows presenters to survey audience members in real time communication through their mobile devices.

rocket The rapid development framework for node.js

rrestjs HIgh performance node.js ROA & RESTFUL web framework.

swisseph Swiss Ephemeris binding for node.js

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