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anthology Module information and stats for any @npmjs user

baidu-zhixin-sdk For ecom fe to develop template

cache-shrinkwrap Add all dependencies contained in an npm-shrinkwrap.json file to the npm cache.

chromedriver ChromeDriver for Selenium

cordova Cordova command line interface tool

cordova-testabit Cordova testabit command line interface tool

dalek-browser-chrome Google Chrome bindings for DalekJS

dalek-browser-chrome-canary Google Chrome bindings for DalekJS

dalek-browser-ie Internet Explorer bindings for DalekJS

dalek-browser-ie-canary Internet Explorer bindings for DalekJS

froth ERROR: No file found!

grunt-nsp-package Grunt plugin for Node Security Project package.json validation

grunt-webdriver-qunit grunt-webdriver-qunit is a grunt plugin to run qunit with webdriver in grunt

gruntvention A set of helpful tools that make it easy to write grunt-convetions.

hushpm Private Storage for your npm modules and selective proxying of upstream modules

libgrabber Automatically updates hosted projects on jsDelivr CDN.

nodeworks Node.js IDE

npm A package manager for node

npm-atomic-publish publish to npm with a single http request

npm-authenticate Alternative login for npm

npm-beta A package manager for node

npm-compat Gives you latest version of a module compatible with your current Node version

npm-exec Execute commands in the context of an npm package

npm-installer install a package as if you were npm

npm-profile-manager Profile management for .npmrc files.

npm-republicate Replicate an NPM module (along with its deps) from registry A to registry B (by publishing it && its deps).

npm-www website for npm

npm2 A package manager for node

npm2nix Generate nix expressions to build npm packages

npmd distributed npm client

nrm NPM registry manager can help you easy and fast switch between different npm registries, now include: snpm, cnpm, eu, au, sl(strongloop), nj(nodejitsu)

phantomjs Headless WebKit with JS API

phantomjs-cn Headless WebKit with JS API

phantomjs-sun Headless WebKit with JS API + Sun64 download

repo-npm A package manager for node

scarlet-init Scarlet-init is a scaffolding tool used to automate Scarlet plugin creation.

selenium-chromedriver Simple utility for downloading the Selenium Webdriver for Google Chrome

tipi TItanium Package Installer

tj-npm A package manager for node

uam Unhosted application manager

ungit Git made easy

webdrvr NPM wrapper for Selenium Webdriver including Chromedriver / IEDriver / IOSDriver / Ghostdriver

works Node.js IDE

xface xFace command line interface tool

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