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2lemetry 2lemetry toolkit.

beambotio Controll Raspberry Pi connected sensors via Tweets and Hashtags. Developed at the MIT Media Lab Workshop

bip-pod-twitter Twitter Pod for Bipio

boombot chat and DJ bot for

cmbot A full featured bot for

dataviz-tangible Module facilitant l'accès a diverses API

googlebeam Controll Raspberry Pi connected Camera via Tweets and upload images to Google Drive.

hatch-auth-facebook hatch-auth-facebook ===================

hatch-auth-twitter hatch-auth-twitter ==================

hatchjs Hatch.js is CMS platform with social features. This package is an Express application which can be extended with additional modules.

hoodie-plugin-social A plugin to add social integration to Hoodie Twitter API Client for

hubot-twitterstream-script Hubot Twitter Streaming

identica Utilities and a wrapper for using the Twitter-compatible API from node

meetup-signin A Meetup sign in app that will retrieve the list of RSVPs for a given event, display a signin form, then tweet a colorful message to a given hashtag.

melt Dead Simple API to share to social networks

pebble pebble is a series of tools for building real time event notifiers / streams.

putt easily output text in lots of fun ways (speech, growl, email, ...)

replybot A bot for replying to tweets

resource-twitter for interacting with the Twitter API

TDTwitterStream Event emitter for Twitter Sitestreams

tweet-cli tweet from your shell!

tweet-nodejs Twitter Client for Terminal

tweetbot Your own markov-chain-based twitter buddy.

tweetjector Full screen Twitter streamer.

tweetly.js Node.js command-line Twitter client

twitter_bot Twitter Bot is parent class for your twitter project that needs to iterate followers eternally (see @listwatcher and @unfollowr)

twitter-processor Twitter streaming processor

twitterfeed Simple abstraction on top of ntwitter for working with a website feed.

twobserver Pay attention to the real-time twitter

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