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barycentric Converts points to barycentric coordinates

circumcenter Computes circumcenters of simplices

companion-roots Finds roots of polynomials by solving the eigenvalues of the companion matrix

csr-matrix Compressed sparse row matrix class

jsregress Javascript statistical library

lar Linear Algebraic Representation Framework

ml-js Machine Learning library for Node.js

ndconvolve n-dimensional convolutions

ndflow n-dimensional network flow solver

ndresize Resizes n-dimensional images (or volumes) by cropping and padding

neural_network Neural network implementation with backpropagation. It uses map reduce to distribute the computation of cost function and it's gradients. It also implements stochastic/step/batch gradient descent for optimizing cost function

node-svm Support Vector Machine for nodejs

numberic numericjs wrapper

owlqn Orthant-Wise Limited-memory Quasi-Newton

poly-mult-fft Multiplies polynomials together using an FFT

polytope-closest-point Computes the closest point to a polytope in arbitrary dimensions

radial-camera Compute a model view matrix based on a radius and two rotations about a point

signed-distance Signed distance field computations

simplicial-layout Code for drawing simplicial complexes in arbitrary dimensions.

smr Streaming implementation of multiple regression.

spatial-grid Computes closest points to meshes and polygons

triangle-buffer A DOM based 3D triangle renderer

triangle-homography Computes the 4 x 4 transformation matrix T such that TA = B, where A, is the known triangle and B is the target triangle

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