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biwascheme A practical Scheme interpreter written in JavaScript

boxer A Static Website Publishing Tool

bruno_hubot-scripts Allows you to opt in to a variety of scripts

chromext chrome extension bootstrap with coffee, jade and stylus

cloudwatch2graphite Bring Amazon AWS Cloudwatch metrics into Graphite

coffee-collider Sound Processing Language for Web Audio

coffee-inline-map Compile CoffeeScript files with inline source maps

coffeecup Markup as CoffeeScript.

crojsdoc A documentation generator for JavaScript and CoffeeScript

d16bunny a small assembler for the DCPU

damonbot A simple helpful Robot for your Company

deltajs Diff and patch engine for DOM trees

distilled Distilled is the support system for which achieve the everyday changes on the Mainpage of Chinese Wikipedia and then remix related content into a magazine.

ey_node_app_info For Engine Yard cluster instances, parses package.json and provides node paths and shell commands.

fabrique-js a tool to build code and do some automatic development tasks

fire-and-forget A daemon for collecting user actions.

funtang.compiler The FunTang language compiler.

get-translation Effective translation workflow

grunt-contrib-translate Translate dynamic texts

grunt-translate Translate dynamic texts

htmlbook Markdown to HTMLBook converter

hubot A simple helpful robot for your Company

jinkies Translate GitHub post commits to Jenkins CI builds and back

josi The Jolly Science bot, based on Hubot. Her name is JoSi.

jspackage build tool which adds client-side import syntax

lessweb Less.js Converter

livelykernel-scripts Scripts and minimal server for running, testing and maintaining LivelyKernel

log-watcher Watches log files for changes and sends a notification if a pre-defined pattern is detected or a tracked file is deleted.

maintenance-page Turn on/off maintenance page while working on production server.

make-commonjs-depend Create dependencies for Makefiles. It's like makedepend but for JavaScript.

mgmt project insights for developers

nijs An internal DSL for the Nix package manager in JavaScript

nodeload Load testing library for node.js

nodeload-nmickuli Load testing library for node.js. Updated for node 0.6.x by nmickuli.

notification-server Based on NowJS, a standalone server for sending and receiving notification across different live users

qqbot A robot lives on webQQ

rumcoke A language with Scheme syntax and JavaScript semantics

solder Combines and minifies JavaScript and CSS at runtime and build time

tmux-layout Manage tmux layouts in JSON files

webqq-client Webqq client

wordpress-user-sync For syncing JSON feed of user accounts with a WordPress site

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