Packages depending on osenv

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awesomebox Effortless HTML, CSS, JS development in the flavor of your choice

awesomebox-cli CLI for awesomebox

bower The browser package manager.

bower-auth The browser package manager (with authrc support for private projects)

bower-canary The browser package manager.

bower-config The Bower config reader and writer.

chewer The browser package manager.

complex-finance A complicated interface to your Simple Finance account.

component-test test components locally or with phantom

component-test2 test components locally or with phantom

configstore Easily load and save config without having to think about where and how

ctx-old Front-end package management, publish tools for CI & automation

ctx-old-ftp-updated Front-end package management, publish tools for CI & automation

fedtools Set of tools for FEDs

fedtools-utilities Set of utilites for fedtools within nodejs

gawr Google AdWords reporting tool.

generator-famous Create new projects

gist-cli A gist cli client written in Node

gitnpm npm wrapper for module published to git

groovebasin Music player server with a web-based interface inspired by Amarok 1.4

hardware-resolve Resolves hardware dependencies in package.json

iffront 前端自动化工具

joycss wise css sprite tool by node and gd

level-test get a clean levelup instance for testing.

lockdown Lock your node.js app to specific versions (and checksums) of dependencies.

mkdir-and-mv-stream the safe way to write a file

multik CLI tool for scaffolding out Multik projects

node-gyp Node.js native addon build tool

node-modules commandline tool and node module for

notnode-gyp Node.js gyp builder

npm A package manager for node

npm-beta A package manager for node

npm-install recursive installation of npm packages

npm-stash Cache compiled npm packages

npm2 A package manager for node

npmconf The config thing npm uses

npmd distributed npm client

npmd-config get npmd-config

npmd-git-resolve resolve git urls as modules

npmd-install install npm modules

nsp Node Security Project command line tools

nw-gyp node-webkit native addon build tool

plum Demo server environment by node

quick-tmp Quickly and synchronously retrieve a temporary directory name for you to use

rem An HTTP Client with middleware, with built-in support for major web services.

repo-npm A package manager for node

rock Generate and scaffold file structures or project skeletons from templates.

roots roots is a toolbox for building simple, beautiful, and efficient products for the web

sprout Simple project templating

tbower The browser package manager for Taobao.

tbower-config The Bower config reader and writer.

tj-npm A package manager for node

tmpdir `os.tmpdir()` but works in every version: `0.6`, `0.8`, `0.10`

trckr github issues tracker, streak style

up cloudup command-line executable

wormy A package manager for C++ and other assets

yapm A package manager for node (npm fork)

yogi YUI Or Gallery Interface (CLI to YUI and Gallery development)

yui-benchmark [![Build Status](](

zuul simple browser testing

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