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amdify Amdify converts your node.js code into browser-compatible code. For example

auth ERROR: No file found!

awsm node-awsm =========

awsm-keypair-save node-awsm-keypair-save ======================

awsm-ssh node-awsm-ssh =============

beanpoll Routing with syntactic sugar

bindable bindable.js ===========

browsertap apuppet =======

capirona Javascript Tasks

catchall Catch all javascript exceptions

celeri CLI lib

cronworker cron tabs + node jobs

dnode-plugin dnode extension for plugin.js

ectwo node-ec2 ========

emailer node-emailer ============

emailify Make HTML pages email-safe

eyebrowse Eyebrowse is an utility which allows you to easily launch, and control browsers from the command line. It was built to launch different browser versions for cross-browser testing.

fig async view for node, and the web

funwrap funetti.js ==========

garden garden ======

garden-planter garden-planter ==============

gumbo node.js db

hotfix Push live changes to your end users

libretto libretto ========

linen Linen (line-in) maps API's to [bindable](/classdojo/bindable.js) `objects`, and `collections`. At [classdojo](, we use `linen` to abstract our API from front-end, so we don't necessarily depend on any sort of API while developing new components. This allows us to rapidly build prototypes which can be wired up later.

maestro Maestro is a cloud management tool with a mongodb-like feel

mannequin mannequin.js ============

mesh Write one app, deploy to many platforms

mojo-router HTTP Router for Mojo.js

mongodblite self-contained mongodb implementation

nexe Roll node.s applications into a single executable

nojam nodejam ======= ERROR: No file found!

pearls Run parallel processes

plugin Plugin library

recuest API testing proxy

ribbit Javascript Tasks

s3cp Similar to rsync

sardines Combine all node.js scripts into one file. Run it as a single executable, or online.

simplecache - supports multiple transports (mongodb, redis, fs)

staple ```javascript var staple = require("staple")({ object: { subscribe: function(target, key, callback) { target.on("change:" + key, callback); }, unsubscribe: function(target, key, callback) {"change": + key, callback); }, get: funciton(target, key, value) { target.get(key, value); } set: function(target, key, value) { target.set(key, value); } } });

starch starch ======

taptunnel Local Tunnel for the service: [Browsertap](

thyme What's this? ------------

vine API builder

walkr Recursive file walking / copying for node with middleware

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