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abcnode ABC notation parser for JavaScript

agfl-generate Generator using agfl grammar

amdee Converting CommonJS modules into AMD format

api-pegjs API PEGjs (HTTP, methods, headers, media-type, etc)

appbuildr a simple code generation tool for developers

argus Complex CLI argument parser

atom-keymap Atom's DOM-aware keymap module

buildlocale buildlocale ===========

bvm The BVM

clairvoyant Build Psykick game skeletons using a custom language

clasp Parse, analyze and synthesize CSS

cldr Library for extracting data from CLDR (the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository)

coffeebuild Javascript/Coffeescript preprocessor and build system

core-pegjs Core PEGjs

cube A system for analyzing time series data using MongoDB and Node.

denada A declarative language with no semantics for creating simple DSLs

diceserv A dice-rolling web service for RPGs

doremi-script Letter music notation processor

dry-lang Frontend Language

fingi Official Fingi CLI tool.

fire-ts A template engine for generating code (c,c++,js,java,html,ruby,etc)

glayzzle A NodeJS engine that converts on-fly the php into JS and execute it.

grunt-peg A grunt multi task that generates parsers from PEG grammars.

handlebars-gen An extendable static code generator for handlebars templates, targetting languages other than JavaScript, e.g. PHP

hashspace-prototype hashspace runtime prototype

hopjs-devkey DevKey module for HopJS

hsql multi sql query interface for hybrid data sources

isla A programming language for children.

js80 ``` __ ______ _______ |__| ______/ __ \\ _ \ | |/ ___/> </ /_\ \ | |\___ \/ -- \ \_/ \ /\__| /____ >______ /\_____ / \______| \/ \/ \/ ```

katt-blueprint-parser KATT blueprint parser (derived from Apiary blueprint parser)

katt-js KATT (Klarna API Testing Tool) is an HTTP-based API testing tool for NodeJS

L7 An HL7 query language and message manipulator.

lexicon api documentation generator

luapegjs lua parser with pegjs

mammouth Unfancy PHP

nid-parser NID (Native Interface Definition) is a portable C/C++ API description format that parses into JSON format for convenient bindings generation

node-cuke node-cuke ===

nsql multi sql query interface for hybrid data sources

olscrap A simple one line scraping tool.

pbjs-compiler Protobuf to javascript goog.proto2.Message compiler.

pegco A wrapper for pegjs to write the code in coco.

pegcoffee A PEG.js plugin for using CoffeeScript with the post-0.7 pegjs plugin API

pegjs-require Require extension to load PEG.js files

pegram A human phrase recognition process

preproc Preproc.js is the anything preprocessor for node.js. Preprocess any file performing inclusions and conditional compilation.

pxeger Pxereg (regexp inversed) is a little package allowing to generate all possible string from a regexp source string. The pxeger grammar does not follow exactly the regexp one, so some features may be missing, but it should cover most of use cases.

quickpeg Filename/callback interface to pegjs.

rhizome Use a peg.js grammar to route url requests

rjs-build-analysis ERROR: No file found!

rjs-build-hasher Appends hashes to bundles built by require.js optimizer.

robin multi sql query interface for hybrid data sources

shinypath Extract a part of an object according to a usual JavaScript expression like "['baz'][3]" in a safe, easy and fast way

soq Simple Object Query Interface for JSON Array

sql.pegjs A sql parser based on peg.js

sqljs SQL parser

swizzle-parser Parser component of swizzle-term

texts TextJSON for Node

webidl.js A parser for WebIDL and WICDA

wsql multi sql query interface for hybrid data sources

xcode parser for xcodeproj/project.pbxproj files

xson eXtended Serialized Object Notation

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