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node-webmon A utility to poll webpages regularly, and/or stream data from a raw socket or server. All received data is logged into postgresql.

node-workflow-pg-backend A backend for node-workflow built over PostgreSQL

noflo-pg PostgreSQL using node-postgres for NoFlo

nor-pg PostgreSQL library with Promises for Node.js

norm Primitive ORM for Node.JS

north-orm orm for framework north

npgt pg tools

npm-postgres-mashup npm-postgres-mashup does a one-time replication of most of npm's data to postgres

orderingjs A simple ordering system, to plug in with an ecommerce system...

pg-autopatch Node application for automatically applying postgreSQL database patches.

pg-dal A simple postgresql data access layer for node.js

pg-jobs A simple yet powerful postgres backed job queue for node.js.

pg-migrate pg-migrate ===

pg-migrator The complete and easy to use command-line migration tool for PostgreSQL

pg-nest Nest transactions easily with PostgreSQL.

pg-queries Neat promise and event based access layer around node-postgres

pg-simple A simpler interface to pg

pg-test Test runner for PostgreSQL tests

pg-validator postgresql database schema validation and creation utility

pg2json Reads the schema of a postgres db

pgbouncer Wrapper of pgbouncer service

pgproc Maps Postgresql stored procedures to Javascript fucntions

piggy Piggy, a minimal wrapper for a single generic-pool of node-postgres clients

pine2e Pinetwo's pluggable web stack based on Express.js and PostgreSQL

plugz-postgres A plugz for Postgres

plv8x Use JavaScript expressions and modules in PostgreSQL plv8

postgeo Return PostGIS queries as GeoJSON or TopoJSON

postgrease A lightweight and powerful interface for node-postgres (pg)

postgres-cabinet Helper for node-postgres

postgresql-http-server PostgreSQL HTTP API Server

postorder Bare minimum postgres work queue

prego Callback-style node.js+postgres fast migrations, tables and simple associations.

proactive-record An ORM that defines your database models for you.

pug Nodejs ORM using Postgres

qm A platform for World Wide Computing

ripple-gateway This software is a framework for building and deploying a Ripple Gateway software sytem. The system includes a core database that manages accounting for deposits and withdrawals of assets to the Ripple network. The Ripple Gateway Framwork provides a stand

ripple-gateway-api This software is a database-backed web server that serves as a back end for Ripple Gateway applications.

ripple-gateway-data-sequelize To use the Ripple Gateway software requires one to implement a database backend that exposes the Gateway Data interface. Every Data Adapter must comply with the interface in order to be complete, and can verify completeness by running the Data Adapter tes

ripple-gateway-data-sequelize-adapter To use the Ripple Gateway software requires one to implement a database backend that exposes the Gateway Data interface. Every Data Adapter must comply with the interface in order to be complete, and can verify completeness by running the Data Adapter tes

ripple-rest A RESTful API for submitting payments and monitoring accounts on the Ripple Network.

ruthless Crawl the web breadth-first from a seed url, statefully

s3ql An implementation of the S3QL API

sails-postgresql a postgreSQL adapter for Waterline and Sails.js

sails-postgresql-adikus a postgreSQL adapter for Waterline and Sails.js

salad [![Build Status](](

schemaspy Retrieves a JSON description of a relational database schema

seneca-postgres-store Seneca data store plugin for PostgreSQL

seneca-postgresql-store Seneca data store plugin for PostgreSQL

sequelize-migrator Migrate SequelizeJS migrations without SequelizeMeta table dependency and depdency management.

sequelize-postgres Sequelize + PostgreSQL bindings - Unmaintained

simple-pg-db A stupidly simple wrapper around the pg module allowing really simple db requests to be made.

skypg Simple pg wrapper for skytools-like access to postgres

sql-generate Automatic generation of SQL definitions for use by the sql module

sqlcmd SQL command builder. Incremental and immutable.

sqli Common interface for accessing SQL databases from node.js

sqlmw Middleware framework for SQL in Node.js

stackato-assist A utility library for easy assistance in getting your node app running on Stackato.

stampede Stampede web development framework

tablespoon A node-postgres wrapper to easilly query json or csv data.

taigeair-github-example get a list of github user repos

tesla MVC Style Framework for Node.js

tez reatime row counts for mysql/postgres tables

tiger-geocoder US Address geocoder/reverse geocoder based on free US Census TIGER database. Able to cache results in redis and also return response that matches Google Maps API format

topogo Personal Postgresql 9.2+ client, built on npm package PG. Not fit for human consumption

ueberDB transform every database into a object key value store

userific-postgres postgres based backend that implements the userific interface

usermod-pg User access module linked to connect-pg

utility2 utility2 - nodejs test and code coverage utility

versiondb Tool to version database schemas

versiondb-cli Command line interface for versiondb

voltron-postgres-adapter Node.js POstgres adapter, a component

walter Backup utilities for postgresql

weir-rss Minimalist, self-hosted RSS reader for Node.js

wf-pg-backend A backend for wf built over PostgreSQL

windshaft A Node.js based map tile server for PostGIS & Mapnik

wombat-postgres A Wombat plugin to install and configure PostgreSQL

wotcs-api-system Base system used to build WoTcs clans and players API

xtuple xTuple Enterprise Resource Planning Mobile-Web client

zag-backend-pg postgres backend for zag metrics

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