Packages depending on phantomjs

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angela Command-line interface tool to test Web applications from the command-line. The tool runs suites of tests written with Jasmine in some Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, PhantomJS, Android) using WebDriver.

apocalism-js Automate your illustrated short story build process

autonomous-webdriver Tests based on selenium without starting a server

bem-sets bem make extensions to build examples, tests and docs for sets of levels

captureweb NodeJS module for capturing entire web with screenshots

casperjs A navigation scripting & testing utility for PhantomJS and SlimerJS

catjs (Mobile) Web Automation Framework

cleanyourstyles Checker for unused styles

clipcover Closure Library style test and coverage

closure-library-phantomjs Testing with PhantomJS for Google Closure Library.

clouseau-js Follows the execution of a page/an app by expecting messages (sent via `alert()`) by running it in PhantomJS.

cmdize Convert normal js to cmd module.

coffeebreak Test runner for Mocha

cors-tester Makes a cors-request by Phantomjs

css-coverage Generates coverage information of your CSS (or LESS) files using the command line or in browser/GruntJS unit tests.

curvechart Curve Chart

cushy.js ERROR: No file found!

dalek-browser-phantomjs PhantomJS binding for DalekJS

dalek-browser-phantomjs-canary PhantomJS binding for DalekJS

dom-prof Node/PhantomJS DOM profiler. Based off some of the ideas in [dom-monster](

doogle Node.js app for taking HTML snapshots of JavaScript pages to make your dynamic apps Google crawlable.

dotdash see wiki:

doverjs DoverJS--Find unused seletor from your style-sheet to DHTML URI

dr-svg-sprites Create SVG sprites with PNG fallbacks at needed sizes

easy-bake EasyBake provides an efficient environment for CoffeeScript library developers: CoffeeScript/Javascript-based configuration files (no coding needed), workflow (build, watch, clean, preview) tests (QUnit, Jasime, NodeUnit, server-side emulation with ModuleBundler), publishing (git, npm, NuGet). Replace your Cakefile with a Bakefile today!

express-static-angular-seo A simple reverse proxy that takes any URL and uses PhantomJS to fetch a version that has the JavaScript executed. Set the Host HTTP header to use this for more than one domain.

fantomo PhantomJS based bot

fasthar-api an API server that returns aggregated data from HTTP Archive (HAR) data from captured network traffic

frankjs Creates web page reports such as DOM ready time, pageload and page resources

gardr-validator garĂ°r-validator =========

gars scrapes google Realtime information and pushes it to your metrics system. (using Casperjs)

gh-badges GitHub badges implemented in SVG.

ghoul Ghoul is a tool to help with frontend testing with mocha

gitbook-pdf PDF Generator for GitBook

google-oauth2 Google API OAuth2 helpers

grunt-breakshots Create screenshots of html files per breakpoint

grunt-buster-plugin Grunt task for running Buster.JS tests

grunt-capturelocal Batch screenshot local files using phantomjs and resize

grunt-casper Run Casper CLI Scripts With Grunt

grunt-casperjs With this grunt.js task you can run tests with CasperJS.

grunt-gremlins gremlins-grunt task

grunt-grunticon-highrespng A mystical CSS icon solution - with high resolution PNG support. This is a modification of the project 'grunt-grunticon' from filamentgroup.

grunt-iconify-test web font, spritesheet & data uri generator

grunt-imagine Grunt tasks for optimizing, inlining & spriting images

grunt-jasmine-legacy A Grunt task for running Jasmine v1.3 tests using RequireJS and PhantomJS

grunt-lib-phantomjs Grunt and PhantomJS, sitting in a tree.

grunt-lib-phantomjs-istanbul Grunt and PhantomJS, sitting in a tree for istanbul based code coverage.

grunt-mocha-phantomjs Run client-side mocha tests using phantomjs

grunt-mocha-selenium Run functional Mocha tests with webdriver against a local selenium instance.

grunt-phantom Start PhantomJS web driver.

grunt-photobox Plugin to prevent your project of broken layout via screenshot photo sessions of your site.

grunt-qunit-amd Grunt plugin to run Qunit tests on your AMD libraries without having to create html pages.

grunt-screenshot-element Take a screenshot of a DOM element.

grunt-selenium-webdriver Starts and stops selenium in webdriver or hub mode for use with 3rd party CI platforms where phantomjs / chromedriver can have issue with selenium

grunt-sencha-dependencies A Grunt.js plugin which will figure out the order of Ext classes your Ext.application uses so the list can be passed on to further commands like concat, jshint, etc

grunt-sencha-resolver Resolve dependencies of a Sencha ExtJS project.

grunt-sencha-zordercompress Compress compile sencha by order Loaded javascript files!

grunt-stats Statics of Static files using Google Analytics

grunt-svg-to-png Grunt plugin to rasterize SVG to PNG images using PhantomJS. Fork of grunt-svg2png by dbushell.

grunt-svg2png Grunt plugin to rasterize SVG to PNG images using PhantomJS

grunt-svg2png-clone A clone of grunt-svg2png to address a width issue

grunt-vector2raster Converts svg's to multiple sizes of whatever image fileformat Phantom.js supports. Ideal for creating all the (phonegap) App icons you need based on one svg.

grunt-yeahicons web font, spritesheet & data uri generator

grunticon-sass A mystical SCSS icon solution

gulp-jasmine2-phantomjs Run Jasmine tests with PhantomJS

gulp-mocha-phantomjs run client-side Mocha tests with PhantomJS

gulp-qunit Run QUnit unit tests in a headless PhantomJS instance.

gulp-raster A plugin for Gulp

gulp-svg-sprites Create SVG sprites with PNG fallbacks

hardy A collection of steps to run CSS tests using Cucumber and Selenium

heifer a simple page-weight analysis tool

helium-cli A tool to detect unused CSS across multiple web pages

html-pdf HTML to PDF converter that uses phantomjs

html-snapshots A selector-based html snapshot tool using PhantomJS that sources sitemap.xml, robots.txt, or arbitrary input

https-scan A https validation tool based on phantomjs. It can detect more dynamic loaded resources than static HTML analyze.

icomoon-build Build IcoMoon project in Node

iconr CLI tool that takes a directory of SVG images and outputs a CSS file and a directory of PNG images as a fallback.

imaging Draw image into terminal ,whithout node-canvas.Let your command-line terminal not only have characters

include-html include needed files of a html file to a specific folder

jade-pdf-redline Jade to PDF converter

japp An npm package to compare images and snapshots

jasmine-runner-node Run Jasmine 2 specs using PhantomJS

jquery-continuous-calendar Date picker and range selector with scrollable months instead of paged

jquerygo A node.js package to test and automate the web using jQuery with PhantomJS.

jsgui-node-imgconvert Converts images using JavaScript code where available, has a command-line interface.

jsnap Executes a JavaScript file and dumps a snapshot of the state after executing the top-level code, before entering the event loop

jsreport javascript based business reporting

karma-phantomjs-launcher A Karma plugin. Launcher for PhantomJS.

kommando Configurable cross browser functional / acceptance test launcher (using Webdriver)

lake a very oppinionated make-based build tool for complex and modular web applications that run on NodeJS

lilypondfonts Small script to export SVG paths of Lilypond fonts to JSON.

lrqunitrun run qunit tests on liferay

markdown-pdf Markdown to PDF converter

mean-seo SEO Solution for MEAN.JS applications which forwards crawlers requests to a compiled HTML copy using PhantomJS.

mod-phantomjs Run script in phantomjs sandbox

mojito Mojito provides an architecture, components and tools for developers to build complex web applications faster.

ngseo expressjs middleware to enable server-side rendering of angularjs app when requested by a search bot

no-exif Remove Exif and GPS location data from JPEG images and create new files with the .noexif.jpg extension while preserving the original files and filenames.

node-amulet phantomjs wrapper for nodejs

o-phantom Run jasmine tests on phantomjs.

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