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adhoc Start a web server in that directory. This instant! (like python -m SimpleHTTPServer on steroids)

amaca Webserver with http/https proxy to spawn applications. Using forever and for a multiprocess talking :-)

apper Convention-based restful app development in node.js

attester Command line tool to run Javascript tests in several web browsers.

automatic-api A node.js module to interface with the Automatic cloud API

awesomebox Effortless HTML, CSS, JS development in the flavor of your choice

axle An effortless HTTP reverse proxy for node

bb-server A bare bones http server

beefy local development server that aims to make using browserify fast and fun

bevy A simple server to manage multiple Node services

bittorrent-dht Simple, robust, BitTorrent DHT implementation

bittorrent-swarm Simple, robust, BitTorrent swarm implementation

cote An auto-discovery mesh network framework for building fault-tolerant and scalable applications

dea Open Source PaaS built on Node.JS - A port of the dea from vcap

dpm 安装node_modules npm install ./

ears messaging framework for communicating with running node.js applications over http

emproxy Basic framework of a proxy for Emotive MMS

firewatch Firefox OS memory watch

fireworks-cli Command-line interface to Fireworks framework

forever-utils Utilities to manage forever processes programatically or from the command line

gammadeployer Deploys your project <img src=""></img> <img src=""></img>

http-server a simple zero-configuration command-line http server

jabher-gulpfile Personal configurable gulp config that can be used in most of projects

kordon ![](

lockitron-api A node.js module to interface with the for the Lockitron cloud API

lute static dev server

mylocker A personal enterprise data locker

nockpoint Utilizes node and redis for the dynamic creation of mock http request endpoints.

node-core-audio Core native node.js audio functionality, including sound card access and audio streaming

node-rendezvous Straight-forward rendezvous for 'local servers' behind NATs and 'mobile clients' using a 'cloud' server.

nogql An api interface for adding new hosts to nagios.

nopach A Node reproduction of basic apache for command line server hosting

paas-machine-host Per-machine host for perfectapi self-hosted PaaS solution

pdfer-jobs Job processing for the pdfer service

phone-sensor turn your phone into a sensor for great justice.

plexus Service management with auto-discovery and distributed messaging

portdiscovery Finds an open port and sends the output to stdout

radiodan Programmable radios operating at web scale

shrinkwrapper A utility for saving shrinkwrapped npm packages away and installing them later.

simple-static-server use express as a static http server

springboard Full stack HTTP testing for Express

taas-server Things-as-a-service for 'hidden servers' (behind firewalls/NATs) and 'mobile clients' using a third-party service

yogi YUI Or Gallery Interface (CLI to YUI and Gallery development)

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