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agent client-side request module, derived from superagent

bit-mask A utility for manipulating bit masks

clint event driven options parser

coverjs JSCoverage compatible JavaScript code coverage tool

edamame A CMS written in JavaScript

elements prime dom library

elements-ui UI elements using elements

elements-util Extra Utilities using Elements

finally sane flow control library

fuzzysearch-js FuzzySearching in JS

grunt-wrapup Grunt Plugin for WrapUp. Wraps your node modules into web modules.

grunt-wrapup-partition wrapup-partition grunt task

indexed-set Set Manipulation for ordered sets

metiri Simple unit conversion utility.

moofx A CSS3-enabled javascript animation library for node and the browser

nodes prime dom library

pathogen sane path utilities for node.js

prime-util Extra Utilities using Prime

protolus The rollup of Protolus (an MV* Framework) which imposes layout and structural standards

protolus-application A thin wrapper for web delivery with protolus

protolus-data A multi source ORM supporting normalized queries across many instances of datasources

protolus-resource a CommonJS based server-side resource delivery mechanism with client side shim

protolus-router a lightweight URL router supporting a wide variety of usage patterns

protolus-templates A Smarty-like, pluggable, view controlled template framework+language to enable MV* applications

tag-parser A utility for parsing text markup

tag-template A utility for template parsing and rendering. Implementations for Smarty, Handlebars and UBB. Easy to extend.

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where-parser A utility for parsing SQL where clauses

wrapup wraps up node packages for web development

wrapup-partition Convert Node/CommonJS modules for the browser with on demand loading of JS files

wrapup-webbuilder A web builder for downloading browser wrapup'd JavaScript

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