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autoreload Autoreload server - watches your files for changes and handles client polling.

browserify-server Browserify bundling + static server in one!

butterknife Spread the awesome blend of Grunt.js, Travis and Sauce

chrx CommonJS modules for developing Chrome Extensions

cli-less unix less in pure node

cts-cli Cascading Tree Sheets command line interface

generator-hazdev-webapp A generator for Yeoman used by the USGS EHP HazDev team.

generator-hazdev-weblib A generator for Yeoman used by the USGS EHP HazDev team.

global Require global variables

http-framework A web framework based purely on `require('http')`

insert-module-globals insert implicit module globals into a module-deps stream

introspect-reduce introspect the state of a reducible's analytics website's beacon node's configuration node's Framework Engine's logger node

localstorage-fs node's fs module for the browser backed by localStorage

loggly-console Loggly wrapper for console.log

mammock Mammock is a node.js service mocking framework designed to be quick and easy, allowing developers to fill the "missing gaps" in services during development.

mongo-col mongoDB collection wrapper

node-libs-browser The node core libs for in browser usage.

npm-proj Custom scaffold an npm project

opentty Get TTY read access

populate Populate DOM elements with data

raptor-optimizer-require RaptorJS Optimizer plugin to support Node.js style module require in the browser

read-stream Base class for readable streams

restoretty Turn off TTY raw mode

scoped command line tool exposing lexical-scope

script automatic bundling of nodejs modules for the browser

serve-browserify HTTP handler for serving browserify bundles

siteboot SiteBoot - node js web development framework

stream-browserify the stream module from node core for browsers

tabby create tabbed web apps with progressive enhancement

timers-browserify timers module for browserify

timers-ref `setTimeout` and `setInterval` with `unref` and `ref` like in node.js

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