Packages depending on promise

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abdero-fetcher fetch mails from imap, and stream them

ahead An experiment with promises

alagator Write algorithms that can be re-used for synchronous and asynchronous code Combinators and Function Decorators

amqpworkers amqpworkers

arangodep ArangoDB deployment tool

auth-token issues crypto-signed authentication token

aws-sdk-promise Hack for adding the .promise() method to all aws-sdk request objects (aws-sdk is a peerDependency)

barrage Extensions to streams (as a mixin)

cabbie A webdriver client

cabbie-run Run a test file with a cabbie driver in a separate process

composed-validations Simple and highly extensible validation library

concur lightweight generator/promise utility

connect-roles Provides dynamic roles based authorization for node.js connect and express servers.

connection-pool Connection pooling logic for use with any service

continue Compose chainable async methods

corral Add, remove and update cloud-hosted packages defined in html markup

crazy-promise A promise that resolves with random delays for testing purposes.

data-action Bind all sorts of things to html click events

divshot-api Wrapper for the Divshot api

docker-services docker-services

dockerode-process ChildProcess like interface for docker containers

dockerode-promise Dockerode wrapped in promises

domthen promises for silly DOMRequest crap

dota2-ward DOTA2 Web API Client for node.js

easy-file-walker An easy way to walk your file system recursively.

easy-folderator An easy way to automatically include and name modules in subdirectories.

easysoap A simple to use Soap Client for Node.js

fenrir Scene editor for lokijs game engine.

fishing Turn a promise into a stream or a stream into a promise.

fizzle A local, web-based tile map editor for Phaser.

fs-promise Filesystem methods as promises, with optional fs-extra and fs-graceful dependencies

ftpkick A module that will literally kick all your files to a remote FTP server

generator-clam A Clam generator for Yeoman

github-basic Basic https interface to GitHub

github-store Use a github repository like the local file system it was always meant to be

github-stream Stream updates to the files in a GitHub repository.

global-leak-hunter Find global leaks using static analysis

group-lunches Order food as a group without fear of spam

grunt-deployinator Grunt plugin that deploys git repositories on remote servers.

grunt-extjs-dependencies Uses static analysis to figure out in what order to load your ExtJs app files.

grunt-extjs-dependencies-wombleton Uses static analysis to figure out in what order to load your ExtJs app files.

grunt-orphan Release to an orphan branch.

grunt-tinypng image optimization via tinypng service

handle Handle events on elements

heartbleed Node.js wrapper for heartbleed API using request/promises.

imsave Imgur image upload

infogra Infographic Modeller & Viewer

ironmq-promise Promise wrapper for the iron_mq package (which is a peer dependency of this package)

jdbc Node Module JDBC wrapper

jden me, automated

js-script Allow asynchronous APIs to be scripted using pure synchronous JavaScript

lag Lag helps with functional promises.

lag.all The lag function all() as a standalone module.

lag.promise The lag function promise() as a standalone module.

lag.when The lag function when() as a standalone module.

lazy-promise A bare-bones lazily-evaluated Promises/A+ implementation.

lazypromise lazy promises which start on then

less-file Middleware for less with npm and static assets support

less-fixed The less compiler with a few features you absolutely need

level-promise Promise'd LevelUp.

load-engine Loads npm modules on demand (providing `npm` is installed globally)

load-image load an image asynchronously, promised.

log-aggregate-db Append only (log) entity database

loki-core The core of a modular, extensible JS game engine.

lsr Recursive readdir (`ls -R`)

method-invoker Modifies method invocation behavior

middleware-object-hooks Object/method based middleware/reduce hooks

mongod Promise based mongo driver built on mongojs

mozilla-extract Extract a mozilla product from .tar.bz2 or .dmg

mozilla-treeherder Treeherder client for mozilla's test reporting UI

multiglob yet another multi-match wrapper for glob

my-json Using MySQL databases as JSON stores

narrator Construct wrappers around api RESTful endpoints (Browser/Angular/Node)

ngrok-my-server Helper library for publishing http servers or express apps over ngrok

ngrok-services ngrok (tunneling) manager

node-form-validate node-form-validation ====================

nodeify Convert promised code to use node style callbacks

noflo-promise Promises/A+ handling in NoFlo

owinjs-demo Demonstration app for OWIN/JS and the cross platform nodeAppKit native web framework. It runs under both node.js and as a native application on OS/X with no changes.

owinjs-razor An OWIN/JS and javascript implementation of the Razor view template engine

owinjs-router A lean and mean routing middleware for Node.JS using Owin/JS framework

owinjs-static A static file server for Node.JS using Owin/JS framework

pipermail node.js utilities for reading pipermail archives such as es-discuss

prince Node API for executing PrinceXML via prince(1) CLI

printlet Generate static images from tiles and draw suff on top.

promise-deferred A lightweight Deferred implementation, on top of Promises/A+

promise-event promise-event -------------

promisequeue A simple promise based executor of promise queues

promisescript Simple promise-based script loader for modern browsers

promisify-node Wrap Node-callback functions to return Promises.

promize create fulfilled and rejected promises

pull-request Fork, Commit and Pull Request via the GitHub API

rapper Construct wrappers around api RESTful endpoints (Browser/Angular/Node)

readdir-on-steroids Recursively reads the contents of a directory.

recursive-cssmin Recursively traverses a directory and minifies all CSS files contained in the directory and its children.

recursive-uglifyjs Recursively traverses a directory and uglifies all JavaScript files contained in the directory and its children.

red-gate-coffee Coffee machines should be sentient, and with the help of a pi they can be!

registry-validator Validate your npm registry implementation, check if it correctly implements the npm protocol.

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