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fleet-stopregex Fleet stop with fields and regex parameters

flickrapi A Node.js, and client-side, implementation of the Flickr API (for use with an API key, server-side oauth enabled)

flightplan Library for streamlining application deployment or systems administration tasks

flirty-host For when you need to be safe... but not _too_ safe!

forecast-cli Gets the weather for you, and beautifully displays it in your terminal - using the API.

frakture-utility Frakture Utilities and extensions

frameless a tiny framework to write command line programs

fsdiff Investigate differences between versions of the Foursquare API

g15composer A library for communication with the g15composer pipe

gb git robot, a tool to operate projects on Github

generator Project bootstrapping with an emphasis on simplicity.

generator-genlaravel A Yeoman generator for Laravel

generator-ozjs Scaffolding tool for OzJS which offers a packaging workflow integrates toolchain, micro-framework and many best practices

get-translation Effective translation workflow

ghcopy Provides copy to gist functionality for your terminal

ghfm Github Flavored Markdown Previewer

ghpages-convert A command line tool to convert github page templates to blogs

ghtoken a simple github token generation utility

gimme-assets A little, experimental tool to manage web assets from the CLI. Based on cdnjs / microjs libs

git-gh git extensions for github

git-issues Git issues extension to list issues of a Git project

git-issues1 Git issues extension to list issues of a Git project

github-autochangelog changelog auto generation based on github issues + git version tag deltas

github-labels Add github labels automatically

gitlab.client gitlab client

gmailto Send Gmails from your command line.

gonzo The surprisingly simple way to write CouchApps

gpg-me GPGMe aims to help people verify online entities as belonging to certain people, and easily allow secure, verifiable communication with them

gradleps Search Maven Central and easily add dependency to your Gradle build file.

graojs graoJS - A full stack MVC NodeJS framework

grunt-autocreationtests Create tests from js-files for usage in requirejs projects

grunt-cortex-ftp-deploy Deployment over FTP

grunt-deploy-keys Parse package.json and set deploy-keys for all private bitbucket repos

grunt-diff-deploy Deploy a folder using FTP. It uploads differences only. It can handle server generated files mixed with the uploaded ones.

grunt-ftp-deploy Deployment over FTP

grunt-ftp-upload 一个grunt-ftp-deploy的修改插件,支持按文件上传

grunt-git-tag Generate Git tags.

grunt-haibu Deploy app to haibu server

grunt-init Generate project scaffolding from a template.

grunt-init-project Grunt plugin to generate project files and structure

grunt-kunstmaan-generate Easily create new SCSS modules within a Kunstmaan project.

grunt-node-version A grunt task to ensure you are using the node version required by your project's package.json

grunt-sqsp Manage & Deploy I18n-ready Squarespace Themes to different sites. Developed in conjunction with Big Human (

grunt-translate Translate dynamic texts

grunt-tube Install grunt tasks once and once is annoying.

grunt-vtex-release Release a new version of your Node-based project

gulp-dynamo Helps you generate your gulp.js file, so you can concentrate on building awesome apps

habitrpg-todo-sync Two-way sync between task managers (e.g. Remember the Milk) and HabitRPG

hacker-news-cli A command line tool to print out the latest posts on Hacker News to your terminal. HAPI application generator

hapi.assetsupload Set of Scripts to easily bulk upload assets in a HAPI instance.

harvestgoogle A tool for harvesting Google Calendar events into the Harvest time tracker

haunt Github Issue Bot.

helperbot A mineflayer bot that helps you do things in minecraft.

hickorydickory Create json blobs from google docs

hk-manifest A Heroku hk CLI plugin for creating app.json manifests

hoodie-cli Hoodie command-line interface.

hoodie-server __DONT USE ME DIRECTLY__ <img src=""></img> <img src=""></img> Twitter API Client for

htdigest Node.js package for HTTP Digest Authentication password file utility.

htpasswd Node.js package for HTTP Basic Authentication password file utility.

hubba A tool to build web services, sockets, and edit static files with automated testing and pipeline all through a browser.

hubify CLI for interacting with the Hubify API.

i5 A toolbelt for NYU's i5 modeled after the Heroku Toolbelt ## Installation ```bash $ npm install i5 -g ```

icarus Node Environment Deployment Manager

ide-init Generate ide template.

ign Command line ignore file created

imdb-sort Sort videos files using an IMDB API lookup

infosquare Dashboard for your info

initd Run NodeJS programs as a Linux service

ink Automated versioning

ionic A tool for creating and building Ionic Framework mobile apps.

iosbuilder ios builder and adhoc distributor


iris_kanso The surprisingly simple way to write CouchApps

jamjs For **front-end** developers who crave maintainable assets, **Jam** is a **package manager** for JavaScript. Unlike other repositories, we put the **browser** first.

jarvis-js Build AngularJS apps with intelligence

jfdi A Hacker's Way of Getting $#!% Done

json-gpg GPG sign and verify JSON objects

jumpstart Creates projects from templates with placeholders.

kanso The surprisingly simple way to write CouchApps

kindling Project bootstrapping with an emphasis on simplicity.

laguna Laguna Generator

ledger-import Import accounting transactions from CSV files to Ledger format.

lefnire lefnire.js implements lefnire in Node.js. It builds upon the current genetic code version.

lego-cli A command line tool for lego projects

limby Server framework for modular applications

lindory-put The ultimate tool to load data in a Lindory server

lysertron Semantic Music Visualization, extensible by WebGL doodlers.

magicclone A magic clone tool for github.

makemeasandwich A node.js application that will order you a sandwich from Jimmy Johns via command line.

mandrillctl Commandline interface for managing the Mandrill web service. Note: This has _nothing_ to do with MailChimp - different Mandrill.

marathon Pow for node; keeps your node apps running for you, plus pretty URLs

mashup Mashup allow you to blend two or more git repositories into one project.

meanframework MEAN stack framework

mediacenterjs-plugin-generator MediacenterJS plugin generator

meteorite Installer & smart package manager for Meteor

meteorite-freebsd Installer & smart package manager for Meteor

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