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binomial-hash-list hash timestamped objects into increasingly larger groups

fpath Pull-stream file and path helpers

fro Like grunt, but simple stream and transform all the things

gendocs Simple documentation generator using sourcecat and emu

geonames Utilities for working with data

graphlib-git read git commits into a graphlib format.

how-big tell be how large directories are

json-logdb A simple in-memory json-log database.

json-sst Newline Separated JSON, Sorted String Tables.

jsonpull JSON pull through stream

level-index-update A module to save a document into leveldb where the old indexes are removed in the same batch as the new ones are inserted

level-join join leveldb documents based on common nested values

level-master master-slave replication with levelup.

level-merkle merkle tree replication.

level-path-index leveldb indexes for properties of items at or anywhere below a point in a materialized path

level-replicate scuttlebutt style replication for level-*

level-search universal search for leveldb

level-static use leveldb as a static file server

level-update-stream writestream to level, but only actual updates

level-window window operations on timeseries in level

localstore API for working with localstorage via browerify providing a pullstream api

npmd distributed npm client

npmd-cache a secure, reliable, offlineable cache for npmd

npmd-install install npm modules

npmd-leaves convert dependency tree into leaf hash list

npmd-link install npm modules using symlinks (FAST)

npmd-resolve resolve npm dependency trees

npmd-tree query node_modules

pull-2step-replicate a very simple replication strategy

pull-crypto crypto via pull-streams

pull-csv parse/stringify csv data with pull streams

pull-flow parallel/serial flow for pull-streams

pull-fs pull-stream fs, etc

pull-glob extended globs as pull-streams

pull-handshake easily create a duplex protocol that starts with a handshake

pull-level pull-stream interface to levelup

pull-markable a pull-stream that can read ahead and then revert

pull-merkle Construct an optimally shallow merkle tree (in memory)

pull-paramap parallel async map pull-stream

pull-pushable pull-stream with a push interface

pull-stream-concat Concatenates pull-streams

pull-stream-range pull-stream of a range within a sorted resource.

pull-switch split a pull-stream into many streams

pull-tee feed a pull-stream into multiple sinks

pull-through through ported to pull-stream style

pull-unique-combine Like pull-stream's unique through stream but requires a result to be present in all streams

rant Loud and obnoxious presentations designed to get your point across

rtc-signaller-ws WebRTC signalling using pure websockets for peer handshaking

shazam Vanquish your foes with crazy JS authored presentations

signed-http use joyent's http-signature protocol

squirrel A furry little helper for dealing with optional NPM dependencies

streamcast Force stream data formats

tacodb leveldb inside a service

tree-query like jQuery, but on directory trees.

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