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coffee-migrate Abstract migration framework for node (in coffeescript).

collapsify Inlines all of the JavaScripts, stylesheets, images, fonts etc. of an HTML page.

combo-proxy 静态文件combo和代理

commander-config Recursively walks up directories from the current directory to look for settings files to provide defaults for commander.js

commandment Commandline for node.js

common-api Low level API abstraction.

commoner Flexible tool for translating any dialect of JavaScript into Node-readable CommonJS modules

component-install Simple programmatic, asynchronous installation of a component

component-proxy Proxy installs a component

component-release Node.js based git-release for use with component

component-stream Streaming component builder straight from GitHub

composers Framework for abstracting nuances of asynchronous coding.

compromise Compose (function(): Promise)es and auto lift non-promise returners to allow queued IO w/o all the boilerplate.

connect-bower Bower middleware

connect-cas Connect middleware for a node CAS client

connect-response-cache Cache responses from your application.

connective-promise boolean (true/false) and first order (some/every) logic with promises

consjs Cons goes JS

console-transit A console client for getting transit information.

console-weather A console client for getting the current weather forecast.

content-ready Listen for moment when content of element is ready (even with all images).

content-tree Generate a json representation of a file tree with file information

context-config context-config-node ===================

cordova Cordova command line interface tool

cordova-testabit Cordova testabit command line interface tool

coro Library for managing Coroutines using Harmony generators. Supports both Node core style callbacks and promises.

cot promise-based CouchDB library with no surprises (in a good way)

couchdb-model A simple CouchDB abstraction for NodeJS built on [nano](

crane-js Does the heavy lifting for a javascript application by providing a simple MVC environment (built on mongoose), favoring fluent configuration, along with an IoC Container, built-in repository pattern, and more

crawler-indexer The best module ever.

creaku Heroku app creator

create-oi iRobot Create Open Interface (OI) library

creep Crawls metadata in files and directories

crosswalk-apk-generator Generator for Crosswalk Android apk packages

crowd-promise Crowd user authentication Promise wrapper

csc.js Nodejs module to run c# compiler.

csfd csfd api

css-find css-find ---

csv-db Simple filebased database

csvsplit Splits Csv Files into 2 files and retains header in both output files. Syntax: ./split.js infile outfile1 outfile2

ctk Command toolkit for node.js

cucumber-wd-plugin A cucumber listener with wd bindings

culture Distributed application framework

cupid An alternative of venus the feed aggregator

daily-comic.js A small node.js module which makes it easy to subscribe to daily comic strips. Default support for Dilbert and XKCD.

dalek-browser-chrome Google Chrome bindings for DalekJS

dalek-browser-chrome-canary Google Chrome bindings for DalekJS

dalek-browser-firefox Firefox browser binding for DalekJS

dalek-browser-firefox-canary Firefox browser binding for DalekJS

dalek-browser-ie Internet Explorer bindings for DalekJS

dalek-browser-ie-canary Internet Explorer bindings for DalekJS

dalek-browser-ios iOS Safari bindings for DalekJS

dalek-browser-ios-canary iOS Safari bindings for DalekJS

dalek-browser-phantomjs PhantomJS binding for DalekJS

dalek-browser-phantomjs-canary PhantomJS binding for DalekJS

dalek-driver-native Native driver for DalekJS

dalek-driver-native-canary Native driver for DalekJS

dalek-driver-sauce Sauce Labs driver for DalekJS

dalek-driver-sauce-canary Sauce Labs driver for DalekJS

dalek-internal-actions DalekJS inetrnal browser action library

dalek-internal-actions-canary DalekJS inetrnal browser action library

dalek-internal-assertions DalekJS internal assertion library

dalek-internal-assertions-canary DalekJS internal assertion library

dalek-internal-test DalekJS internal test helper library

dalek-internal-test-canary DalekJS internal test helper library

dalek-internal-webdriver JavaScript Webdriver Client for DalekJS

dalek-internal-webdriver-canary JavaScript Webdriver Client for DalekJS

dalekjs A node based cross browser testing tool

dalekjs-canary A node based cross browser testing tool

damage A simple way to calculate the 'damage' of running a task in Node.JS.

dart2jsaas dart2jsass ==========

data-file-parser node module for parsing file and writing into another file

data-proxy Data communication with a backend Bidirectional data syncing via Socket.IO

datasift-sdk DataSift streaming API consumer

dbcover A Promise/A+ Based Object Relational Mapping Module With Cache(Memcached/Redis) Enabled For Mysql/PostgreSQL/more. [under development]

dbus-promised D-bus protocol implementation in native javascript, promises fork

decompress-zip A library for reading data from zip files

decor assorted function decorators

dedup Remove duplicate identical files from a list.

default-opts Set defaults for options

deferred-listener Extend Node.js requestListeners with deferred promise support

deferred-object Add deferred properties to an object.

delighted NodeJS module for interacting with the Delighted API

deploy-bot A simple api for an **agent less** DevOps infrastructure provisionning bot.

deploy-s3 Deploy front end apps to S3

deployd the simplest way to build realtime APIs for web and mobile apps

deps-ok Fast checking of top level dependencies based on version numbers

devopsjs-bdd-cases behaviour testing for projects

dex-repo Dex repo is designed to make obtaining and using third party extensions or modules easier for several different engines.

dgeni Flexible JavaScript documentation generator used by AngularJS

dgeni-packages A collection of dgeni packages for generating documentation from source code

di-cli Differential CLI

dicli Differential CLI

digger-network The contract / request and reply modules for digger

dip Simple dependency injection with promise support

dir-object Some module...

dis-redis Redis client with pooled connections and promises

discogs-client Simple client for Discogs API v2.0

dnspod-cli a tool for test dnspod tools

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