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ken Simple web application framework

leaflet-edit-osm a button to edit osm on leaflet maps

leaflet-foursquare foursquare venues in leaflet

lemonade Simple API framework

liftie Clean, simple, easy to read, fast ski resort lift status

livewire Livescript microrouting library

loopback-connector-rest Loopback REST Connector

loopback-datasource-juggler LoopBack DataSoure Juggler

macadamia a simple even more unoppinionated replacement for express

mach A better way to build web servers

madams5-co-body request body parsing for co

mailchimp A node.js wrapper for the MailChimp API.

megaplanjs NodeJS Megaplan API

metageo a real-time spatial and temporal mapping server

metro Rails Framework for Node.js

michi Simple URL router

minus Express for minimalists. Adds a layer of simplicity on top of the Express framework.

moloni Moloni API client library for node.js

mongo-queryfilter Safely create a simple mongo query from a querystring collection to allow filtering

motley an alternative rapid web development framework

moxy Simple and configurable HTTP injection/intercept proxy

mpx-sdk MPX SDK for Node.js

multipart-mongo Middleware for Connect (node.js) which handles multipart/form-data uploads and stores uploaded files in mongodb's GridFS

multiparty-streams Multiparty middleware which only parses the non-file fields

mws-product MWS Product module can be used for retrieving product information via Amazon MWS API.

mylocker A personal enterprise data locker

needle Tiny yet feature-packed HTTP client. With multipart, charset decoding and proxy support.

node-ecwid Ecwid NPM for node.js integration

node-filepicker client

node-gitter Gitter client

node-google-prediction Node client for Google Prediction API

node-mockey Interact with mock services from node

node-nimble-api Javascript wrapper for Nimble CRM API

node-odesk Node.JS bindings for oDesk API

node-paypal-masspayments Making payments with MassPayment NVP

node-restapi Create simply RESTful service

node-strava Strava API client

nohm-backend a web interface for nohm database management

nxtbs nextbus cli

objectifier Parse any data string into a javascript object, sensing data format if it's not provided.

odata-server JayData Server

opengraph A Open Graph API client for Node.js.

osm-stream stream minutely openstreetmap diffs

panas sinergis api

passthrough Tiny utility classes for web apps.

pastebin to post some content on pastebin

paypal-masspayments-node Making payments with MassPayment NVP

pipedrive Pipedrive REST client for NodeJS

pkgcloud An infrastructure-as-a-service agnostic cloud library for node.js

pocket-sdk Headless node sdk for integrating with pocket(

predictionio-client PredioctionIO client for Node.js

protos Web Application Framework

q-io IO using Q promises

qiwi Client for QIWI

qmod qmod ====

quest simple request library for node

randomuser A Simple Node.js Library for the REST API

rapper Construct wrappers around api RESTful endpoints (Browser/Angular/Node)

raven-auth Authentication middle-ware for raven, the authentication provider for

recurring a recurly v2 api client for node.js

rendr Render your Backbone.js apps on the client and the server.

request Simplified HTTP request client.

request-5291 Simplified HTTP request client.

request-lite Simplified HTTP request client (fork from mikeal without optional deps).

request-shared Logic for normalizing arguments for an http request

request-sync Because sometimes you want your web requests to be synchronous

requester swiss army knife for requests

reso-api-server RESO API Server

rest-server Library creating RESTful services

restify REST framework

restify-plugin-form-body-parser restify component (plugin-form-body-parser), extracted from "restify"

restify-plugin-query restify component (plugin-query), extracted from "restify"

restify-url-version Get restify version from url querystring

restler An HTTP client library for node.js

retest Request driven library for testing HTTP servers

robohydra RoboHydra server ================

roxy A proxy for JSONP requests to RESTful APIs

rrestjs HIgh performance node.js ROA & RESTFUL web framework.

salesforceclient NodeSalesforceClient ====================

searchtower Nodejs client for Searchtower API

sensejs SenseJS - Ruby-on-Rails inspired MVC web framework, fully ExpressJS compatible

SenseJs SenseJS - Ruby-on-Rails inspired MVC web framework, fully ExpressJS compatible

shrinkroute Easy named routes for Express.

signupsio.js Client-side Form Tracking for

simple-elasticsearch Minimalistic Elasticsearch client

skinny-bone-actions-http Http transport for skinny actions bone

snapfinder-lib Open Data API to help citizens find retail stores that accept SNAP (food stamp) cards.

solicit a declarative http client for node and browser

steam-webapi Steam WebAPI wrapper

stompit STOMP client

storageqloud-node API library for GreenQloud's S3 solution StorageQloud

stripi Simpler Stripe API

superagent elegant & feature rich browser / node HTTP with a fluent API

superagent-ender elegant & feature rich browser / node HTTP with a fluent API

swac SWAC is a framework for developing Web application codebases that work on both the server- and the client-side.

t411-api Client pour l'API

tbwdjs a wrapper for camme/webdriverjs to ease testing

teeny-lr Tiny LiveReload server, background-friendly. Forked from mklabs/tiny-lr.

tengwar-editor ERROR: No file found!

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