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11-packagemath package math

3vot-salesforce-proxy Salesforce Production NodeJS Proxy Server that translates SF-REST-API into standard REST to be consumed by BackboneJS, SpineJS, Angular, Ember, etc. It includes an OAUTH Authentication Strategy for OAUTH 2.0 Password and Server and Cookie Stateless Session Management for infinite scalability

anxhk client for node.js

appnet A library for communicating with the web services API.

aviary A NodeJS implementation of the Aviary Server-side Render Api.

aw-cache-heater A cache-heater Cetrea Anywhere.

aw-cache-validator A cache-validator Cetrea Anywhere.

bandwidth Node.js module which provides an Bandwidth API client

bangumi Bangumi API client library for node.js

bart-api Api client for

bespoke-notes Notes for Bespoke.js presentations

bespoke-sync Cross-client synchronization for Bespoke.js presentations

betfair Betfair JSON API

bf-cli betfair command line interface with simple trade processing

bing-api A library for the Bing Search APIs

binger A library for the Bing Search APIs

bittorrent-tracker Simple, robust, BitTorrent tracker (client & server) implementation

bittrex client for node.js

blutrumpet Server to server integration for the blutrumpet ad platform

brewerydb-node A wrapper for Brewerydb's REST api

bryan-faceplate Node.js wrapper for facebook auth/api

btsync BitTorrent Sync - API

cinister A tiny web framework

clt-api A nodejs wrapper for President Collect Service API

cmbot A full featured bot for

coinedup client for node.js

coinsmerch A node.js module for accepting Bitcoins using Coins Merch

commonjs-everywhere CommonJS browser bundler with aliasing, extensibility, and source maps from the minified JS bundle

constant-contact Constant Contact API client

couch-db Couch-db is a simple node.js client of couchdb

cryptopay-api API client for node.js

cryptsy-api API client for node.js

ddg-api A library for the DuckDuckGo APIs

discourse-api A simple Node wrapper for the Discourse API

docker-api wrapper for the REST interface

docker-modem Docker remote API network layer module.

dyngodb An experiment (alpha) to get a MongoDB like interface in front of DynamoDB

fogbugz-tagger ERROR: No file found!

generator-try-wordpress Yeoman generator for TRY Wordpress projects and plugins

geobing Node wrapper around the Bing Maps REST Services (

ghosttrain Client-side router in the spirit of Express, for mock data, development and demos.

gocoin A JavaScript client library for the GoCoin API.

gocoin-extended An Extended Version of GoCoin's JavaScript library.

google-books-search A lightweight node wrapper for the Google Books API.

googler A library for the Web Google Search APIs

goorm Cloud based Integrated Development Enviroment.

groupon Node client for the Groupon API

grunt-gss Save your Google Spreadsheets as CSV or JSON.

hopjs A RESTful declarative API framework, with stub generators for Shell, and Android

hotlight A node module that will let you check to see when krispy kreme is making fresh doughnuts for your location.

httphooks A webhook implementation which extends the concept to HTTP REST API's

hubot-github-repo-event-notifier Notifies about any available GitHub repo event via webhook

hubot-github-repo-webhook-notifier Notifies about any GitHub repo event available via webhook

image-saver Saves an image data URI back to the file system.

indeed-api A node.js library for the Indeed job search api.

iodocs Live API Documentation and Browsing

jira-node Node.js integration with Jira The open-source data visualization framework

josi-routes This is where all of your robot's http activity is managed. Your team can endlessly-extend http connectors to your Hubot's available processes and commands in these simple packages.

js-error-logger JavaScript Error Logger

jsonapi Create API scaffolds from JSON documents.

jsreport javascript based business reporting

kraken-api API client library for NodeJS

lamassu-blockchain Lamassu Blockchain module

makeapi MakeAPI for Webmaker

mantis Multi-page application (MPA) framework

meattext-cli a command line interface for meattext

mqtt-google-calendar Gooogle Calendar to MQTT bridge

mtgox-apiv2 API v2 client for node.js

mustang A command-line tool for mustache template, generating outputs from various data sources

ncbi-eutil-server ncbi-eutils-server with Node

nest-thermostat A library for communicating with the Nest thermostat API

nesting For getting cozy with the Nest thermostat.

neuropil europil is a lighter and faster registry client for couchdb based npm server

node-bitlyapi An OAuth, endpoint-complete, NodeJS interface for the public Bitly API

node-bluerover BlueRover API for node.js

node-cloudwatch Simple wrapper for using Amazon CloudWatch API

node-couchpotato Node interface for CouchPotato

node-freeagent2 Node.js OAuth2 REST Library for use with the FreeAgent v2 API, with Passport Authentication Strategy

node-google-translate Simple library for talking to Google's Translate API.

node-iam Simple wrapper for using Amazon IAM API

node-isohunt Wrapper for the Isohunt API

node-jquery-param node jquery param

node-netatmo This is an NPM module to interface with the Netatmo Personal Weather Station API. (

node-sickbeard Node interface for Sick Beard

node-zendesk zendesk API client wrapper

nodeab An AB testing master slave manager for node.

nodejs-gravatar Node module to consume images and profiles from gravatar

opensecrets opensecrets API client for node.js

openstates node.js wrapper for Sunlight Open States API

p1-web-app Awesome P1 web

palsu-app Palsu meeting tool --

pastehtml API for

poloniex client for node.js

protolus-application A thin wrapper for web delivery with protolus

restfulgoose REST API Middleware for Mongo

sensebase SenseBase basis for workgroup annotation.

servicenow Wrapper library to ServiceNow's JSON/REST plugin

simple-lastfm simple api for node.js

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