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acidpm AcidFarm package manager

artifact Artifact Graph Node Client.

aws-curl A cli tool to curl ec2 boxes

bacn Command-line tools for cooking a stack of Bacn.

bcat A pipe to browser utility

billable Track billable hours.

bower-require The browser package manager.

captains-log Simple wrapper around Winston to allow for declarative configuaration

carpenter template fillerouter, like blacksmith, but simpler

clide CLI definitions

clown clown computing with pkgcloud

cruft Delete cruft from npm packages

datapackage Like npm but for data packages!

discovery Discovery provides dynamic service discovery over a pluggable interface.

dockerfu Martial Docker and Hipache. Techniques for zero-downtime updates of Docker-ized services and more.

dpm-stan A client for data package registry

dpm2 Like npm but for data packages!

ec2-instance-lister List IP addresses of ec2 instances having a certain keyword in their name

ec2sync Sync EC2 hostnames to your local hosts file

edalm Library manager for EDA tools

exec-it Executes a command on a remote machine using ssh connection

famous-metrics Metrics collection for Famous Tools

feedopensource iteratively fund open-source projects

fh-amqp-js FeedHenry AMQP Client

fh-amqp-js-test FeedHenry AMQP Client

galaxya embeddable peer 2 peer service discovery and configuration service

github-collect A NodeJS library for getting Github objects like repositories, members, gists for users and orgs.

gsproxy A proxy server for sync Git repos to SVN repo.

hcat Pipe html into your browser from command line

hipster Okay, so today I wrote a text editor in node.js and named it "hipster". Because I am an asshole. (and no one had already used the name for something more stupid)

hushpm Private Storage for your npm modules and selective proxying of upstream modules

iced Simple backup tool that uses node to talk to Amazon Glacier

kamino cli to clone all your repos from Gitlab

ldc linked data container manager

ldpm linked data package manager

lu simplest levelup reader

molecule A tiny framework for composing atoms of logic and transfering messages betwixt.

mongorc RC but also can read config from MongoDB

node-inspector Web Inspector based nodeJS debugger

node-inspector-sans-ws Web Inspector based nodeJS debugger

node-pre-gyp Node.js native addon binary install tool

node-pushover-client Send push notifications to iOS and Android using Pushover.

nodepaper A very simple Node.js-based content management system.

npm-internal Publish npm modules to a private s3 bucket.

npmd distributed npm client

npmd-config get npmd-config

orbital framework for building realtime apps

plugman install/uninstall Cordova plugins

plugman-registry Registry manager for cordova-plugman

process-boss A node process manager that isn't spanners all the way down

proxit Simple proxy server built on express / connect.

pulsar-kue A cluster based job server based on learnboost's Kue

pulsar-scheduler A scheduler for pulsar-kue job server

rc-cli Display configuration from merged rc-files (example: 'rc npm').

redshift-cli command line for querying and managing a redshift cluster

redshift-copy Automated data insertion into Amazon's Redshift using copy operation

remote-exec2 Executes a command on a remote machine using ssh connection

rumours general purpose scuttlebutt/leveldb server.

run-job Tool for running pulsar jobs from command line

s3shield small abstraction over various s3 clients

sdt SDT - The Simple Daemon Tools

slouch A lazy, pull-only, continuous replication server from CouchDB to MongoDB.

sls-sample-app LoopBack Sample Application

sns-twilio A gateway between AWS SNS and your phone

strider Brilliant continuous deployment platform

strong-cluster-control run-time managment of a node cluster

styler CSS/Stylus live editor

tacodb leveldb inside a service

testparty Multi-browser coordinated testing powered by testling

thor-logs-cli a cli tool for thor logs

tiles tiling window manager in node.js

tsm A manager for Titanium SDK versions

turbo-test-runner Turbo the node.js Test Runner

ummon The API client for ummon

ummon-cli The command line interface for ummon-server

ungit Git made easy

upshot Get and set the upshot of your ideas as gists.

we A system for make real time social networks written with Sails.js

wikiwiki realtime distributed wiki.

xplugin install/uninstall xFace plugins

zero-s3 zmq+http to s3 upload

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