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28 Command line utility to download and upload queries.

3s A Command-line script to triplesec encrypt and decrypt

aida xml build tool write in Node

ap3-cli A CLI for Atlassian Plugins 3

api-cli Framework to build CLI-based applications and helper scripts

appfac App Factory

askfor [![NPM][1]](

atlas-connect CLI for the atlassian-connect-express library (helpers for building Atlassian Add-ons on top of Express)

att an easy frontend developer tool

beautify.hks Beautify your javascript with each commit

bee xml build tool write in Node

br The noBackend RESTful API.

code-warrior code like a warrior

commbank Which bank? A simple (but incomplete) API and CLI for a certain Australian bank.

complex-finance A complicated interface to your Simple Finance account.

config-tree A reworking of npm's init-package-json to make reusable prompt-based CLIs for making config.json files.

confirm Command line confirmation tool

datapackage Like npm but for data packages!

decking A Docker helper to create, manage and run clusters of containers

divshot-cli CLI for Divshot

dpm-stan A client for data package registry

dpm2 Like npm but for data packages!

ep_collabticker convert "### " (or any other string) to "HH:MM Uhr" and export to wordpress

establish Establish, a nodejs stupid simple git and ssh based deployment tool.

feebs-cli CLI for the feebs library (helpers for building Atlassian Add-ons on top of Express)

feinit A toolkit for Front-end developer

finch The client app

fourpee Small program for generating a "Four P's" progress report

ftp-deploy Ftp a folder from your local disk to an ftp destination. Does not delete from destination directory. Derived from grunt-ftp-deploy

geekple GeekPLE for developers

ghauth Create and load persistent GitHub authentication tokens for command-line apps

gist-cli A gist cli client written in Node

gista Simple cli utility for using like a unix pro.

git-jira This module integrates JIRA into Git

github-cli github-cli ==

github-cloner An interactive command line tool to list and clone your Github repositories

googleauth Create and load persistent Google authentication tokens for command-line apps

grunt-phonegap-build Build phonegap app via

grunt-phonegap-build-tom Build phonegap app via

grunt-restful Connect to restful api and download response

hasher-cli A small script to generate reproducible, unique passwords for use in websites/programs.

hatena-graph-cli Hatena::Graph command line interface (unofficial).

hms Work in progress. Ship all kinds of services

huxley New wave front-end testing.

imagemin A tool to optimize png and jpg images with optipng & jpegtran

impromptu-github A GitHub module for Impromptu.

imt Integromat SDK

init-package-json A node module to get your node module started

jpm Jetpack Mechanic utilities for creating, testing, running and packaging Mozilla Jetpack Addons

keybase node-client ===========

lamassu-scripts lamassu-scripts ===============

ldc linked data container manager

ldpm linked data container manager

licenseify Set up a LICENSE file fairly brainlessly

mwr A script to automate release of software

ngn A distributed services platform (core and CLI).

nitrogen-cli Provides a command line interface to the Nitrogen service.

nodejsreactions Node.js Culture as a Service

nodeppt Create a PowerPoint presentation with Markdown

nodester-cli A CLI tool to allow interaction with the platform.

npm A package manager for node

npm-beta A package manager for node

npm-profile-manager Profile management for .npmrc files.

npm2 A package manager for node

nsp Node Security Project command line tools

nsyrc A command line tool for easily defining and maintaining rsync backups

passwordmachine Organize your passwords in a safe database.

poooe Node.js/PHP Init Script

projmate-core Projmate Core Package

prompt A beautiful command-line prompt for node.js

prompt-improved Prompts for beautiful and configurable CLI interfaces

prompt-input Prompt user inputs with styling

prompt-lite A simpler command-line prompt for node.js

promptly Simple command line prompting utility

promzard prompting wizardly

rem An HTTP Client with middleware, with built-in support for major web services.

repo-npm A package manager for node

rpi-cli Provides a command line interface to the Nitrogen service. The command line interface is still very basic and a work in progress. Pull requests appreciated!

scaffolder Helpers for making apps that scaffold stuff

scrapi Scrape websites simply. Streaming HTML parser combined with a flexible HTTP client.

seshata generate an interactive api docs for your app

skim Scrape websites simply. Streaming HTML parser combined with a flexible HTTP client.

sneaky Deployment Genius

snowy-owl-cli A command-line tool for staging, hosting and deploying static files.

snowy-owl-config A fork of Isaac Schlueter's init-package-json for use with creating the config options for Snowy Owl.

squirrel A furry little helper for dealing with optional NPM dependencies

ssh-connect-prompt Connect to ssh using the ssh2 module and prompt stdin for host verification, key decryption etc. Similar to what standard ssh does.

steve-tools A collection of tools for steve / nodejs apps

strong-cli StrongLoop command line interface

sudo Wrap sudo with optional password cache

svn-utils A silly module for CS242's portfolio assignment

tale Location story telling

terminal-chat A simple chat client/server run in the terminal and powered by

testling-jasmine run jasmine tests in all the browsers with testling

thingiverse cli client for the thingiverse. search and view things, and download parts.

timebomb TimeBomb: Email Expiration

tj-npm A package manager for node

trckr github issues tracker, streak style

tweetwatch Watch tweet stream live.

ub-ria-tool CMD tools for union biz ria systems

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