Packages depending on readable-stream

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imap An IMAP module for node.js that makes communicating with IMAP servers easy

imap-parser A parser for IMAP line based commands

imap-stringify A stringifier for IMAP line based commands

infinite-monkey-db The eventually-correct database!

inspect-stream Inspects a nodejs stream 2+ and logs the data that's coming through.

ironmq-stream IronMQ queues as streams

james James is a composable build tool which prefers code over configuration.

jsdoc-githubify A transform that adapts html files generated with jsdoc to be rendered in a github wiki or readme.

jsforce Salesforce API Library for JavaScript

json-bundle-stream bundle json stream entries by timestamp granularity

json-expected-stream Filter stream that enforces only selected JSON object string elements exist and that they exist in order

json-fix-stream Fix malformed JSON stream

json-mask-stream Filter stream that keeps selected JSON object strings that retains selected object structures

json2csv-stream Transform stream data from json to csv

jstream Continously reads in JSON and outputs Javascript objects.

kat File and stream concatenation the right way.

lame NodeJS native bindings to libmp3lame & libmpg123.

latte JavaScript, with a little milk and sugar

lazystream Open Node Streams on demand.

level-array The array datatype inside a LevelDB.

level-assoc relational foreign key associations (hasMany, belongsTo) for leveldb

level-blobs Save binary blobs in level and stream then back

level-blocked Blocked data storage on top of LevelUp

level-gc Garbage collection for levelup

level-indico Simple indexing and querying for leveldb

level-join join leveldb documents based on common nested values

level-lazy-db Open leveldb only when you need to

level-prefix Get prefixed databases

level-proxy proxy a leveldb reference to swap instances transparently

level-query search your leveldb from the query string

level-secondary Secondary indexes for leveldb.

level-ws A basic WriteStream implementation for LevelUP

levelgraph A graph database for Node.js and the browser built on top of LevelUp

levelgraph-n3 LevelGraph plugin that add the ability to load and store n3/turtle files.

levelmeup Level Me Up Scotty! An intro to Node.js databases via a set of self-guided workshops.

levelup Fast & simple storage - a Node.js-style LevelDB wrapper

list-stream Collect chunks / objects from a readable stream, write obejcts / chunks to a writable stream

lmd LMD: Lazy Module Declaration

log-csv-stream Log values from streams as a csv stream with timestamp

log4js Port of Log4js to work with node.

log4js-andyliao modified log4js-node

lotus Streaming buffer protocol DSL and parsing API.

lstream stream comes in, string per line comes out

mag-colored-output Transform stream that makes collored message from log object

mag-fallback Fallback stream for mag logger

mag-format-message Transform stream that makes formatted message from arguments

mag-hub Hub for mag streams

mag-process-info Transform stream that adds information about process

manifestparser Extract manifest from binary blobs deployed to android or ios devices

manta Manta Client API

manta-thoth Manta-based system for core and crash dump analysis

map-merge.s Merges packets of streams using map function

markdown-styles Markdown to HTML generator and multiple CSS themes for Markdown

match-stream Match a pattern within a stream

memory-stream Node.js streams implementation for buffered memory writes

memory-streams Simple implmentation of Stream.Readable and Stream.Writable holding the data in memory.

mock-dgram Mock UDP socket using object streams

mongojs Easy to use module that implements the mongo api

mongoose-adventure An intro to mongoose via a self-guided workshop

mpeg-frame-parser small mpeg audio frame metadata stream

mqstreams MQ pub/sub as streams - based on mqemitter

mqtt A library for the MQTT protocol

mtwitter Node.js Twitter API

multiparty multipart/form-data parser which supports streaming

mw-ocg-latexer Converts mediawiki collection bundles (as generated by mw-ocg-bundler) to beautiful PDFs (via XeLaTeX)

mw-ocg-texter Converts mediawiki collection bundles (as generated by mw-ocg-bundler) to plaintext

mysql A node.js driver for mysql. It is written in JavaScript, does not require compiling, and is 100% MIT licensed.

ncprs node-copy-recursive-stream

netbios-name-service NetBIOS name service implementation written in Javascript.

netbios-session NetBIOS session implementation written in Javascript.

new-from Modern version of dominictarr's from

newline-json New-line separated JSON streaming

node-leash A lightweight streaming parser and serializer for binary data in node.

node-nntp A client for connecting with a NNTP server.

node-pico Pico.js is a JavaScript library for real-time audio processing that runs a browser and node.js.

node-pub-sub Implements Publish/Subscribe messaging paradigm in a very simple way.

nodemailer Easy to use module to send e-mails, supports unicode and SSL/TLS

npm-amd Scans installed npm modules, browserifies them if they are not AMD, and produce a path object to be consumed by RequireJS and the like.

npm-publish-notify Desktop notifications on npm publish events

npm-publish-stream A ReadableStream emitting data for each new module published to npm

nuwanda check progressive jpeg

object-transform Composable object stream Transform

objectify-arrays Create objects from arrays using the Streams2 API.

ocean-stream stream commands to digital ocean

officegen Office Open XML Generator using Node.js streams. Supporting Microsoft Office 2007 and later Word (docx), PowerPoint (pptx,ppsx) and Excel (xlsx). This module is for all frameworks and environments. No need for any commandline tool - this module is doing everything inside it.

officegen-2 Office Open XML Generator using Node.js streams. Supporting Microsoft Office 2007 and later Word (docx), PowerPoint (pptx,ppsx) and Excel (xlsx). This module is for all frameworks and environments. No need for any commandline tool - this module is doing everything inside it.

ogg NodeJS native binding to libogg

opmlparser OPML parsing using sax js

parse2 event stream style JSON parse stream

pass-stream pass-through stream which can filter/adapt and pause data as it passes through (streams2)

pcap-socket Mock TCP socket based on pcap file data.

pcap-stream Streams2 wrapper for pcap-parser

peer-wire-protocol Stream implementing the peer wire protocol used in bittorrent

photoshop Control Adobe Photoshop from Node.js

photoshop-smart-object-source Download and place an image url into Photoshop, saving the original source url into the layer metadata. Uses node-photoshop.

plexer Streams2 duplexer.

pony send email

promise-stream A Promises/A implementation based on streams

promised-mongo Easy to use module that implements the mongo api and supports promises

pstream parallel streams

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