Packages depending on readable-stream

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pullstream A stream you can pull data from.

pygmentize-bundled A simple wrapper around Python's Pygments code formatter, with Pygments bundled

querystream A stream that allows filtering of data (objects) using MongoDB-compatible queries.

rabbit.js Easy stream-based messaging using RabbitMQ

random-signal Generate a pseudo-random signal stream for mocking Sensor data

randstream A stream that emits endless series of random bytes, with proper backpressure support.

raspi-weather-webservice-api weather as a json service

read-stream Base class for readable streams

read-write-stream Base stream class for RW stream

readabilitySAX the readability script ported to a sax parser

readable-kafka-batch-stream A stream for reading from a Kafka queue using a low-level Kafka consumer (no zookeeper).

readdir-stream Recursively read a directory and stream stats objects.

readdirp Recursive version of fs.readdir with streaming api.

readtoend stream comes in, complete event comes out

recurse Takes a root dir and recursively streams paths

redis-rstream redis-rstream - node.js redis read stream which streams binary or utf8 data in chunks from a redis key using an existing redis client (streams2)

redis-wstream redis-wstream - node.js redis write stream which streams binary or utf8 data into a redis key using an existing redis client (streams2)

reduplexer Another Stream2 duplexer

rmqcat netcat-like tool for sending data through RabbitMQ

rolling-hash compute rolling hashes

rrs readdir-recursive-stream

running-mean compute the mean incrementally in constant space

s3-cat Streams file contents from s3

s3-lister Stream the file descriptions from all keys in an s3 bucket

seaport service registry and port assignment for clusters

search-modules search-modules --------------

separator-stream A transform stream that separates the previous stream with a given regular expression

sha Check and get file hashes

shell-http Shell access over HTTP

simple-json2csv A simple json to csv converter nodejs module

simple-protocol A very simple json-header-and-body protocol

slice-flow.s Stream for slicing flow of packets

slice-stream Pipe data through a stream until some fixed length is reached, then callback. stream for

sorted-intersect-stream Intersect two streams that emit sorted data

sorted-union-stream Get the union of two sorted streams

sosj Sorted Object Stream Join -- Joins two sorted objectMode streams based on a provided join key.

speaker Output PCM audio data to the speakers

spider-stream spider a directory and turn it into a stream

spooky Drive CasperJS from Node.js

spotify-web NodeJS implementation of the Spotify Web protocol

stream-array Pipe an Array through Node.js streams

stream-bench Node streams benchmarking (throughput, etc)

stream-cb Wrap streams in callbacks and callbacks in streams.

stream-counter keeps track of how many bytes have been written to a stream

stream-equal Test that two readable streams are equal to each other.

stream-file-archive Pipe Streams to time-rotated log files

stream-meter A stream meter that both counts the bytes piped through it, and can optionally abort on a max size. (e.g. limit a http request size)

stream-spectrum A variety of streams to be used in samples and/or tests.

stream-spigot A readable stream generator, useful for testing or converting simple functions into Readable streams.

stream-splice Splice multiple streams into a single pipeline. Useful for exposing multi-step piped streams as a single stream.

stream-ssh stream-ssh ==========

stream-tokenizr parse and tokenize binary streams with a simple fluent, streaming api

stream-viz Visualizes a stream in the browser.

stream-wrapper Wrap read/write/transform functions into streams

streamify Streamify helps you easily provide a streaming interface for code.

streamoftiles stream of all tiles given coordinates

streamqueue Pipe queued streams progressively, keeping datas order.

streamroller file streams that roll over when size limits, or dates are reached

streamspeed Easily measure the speed of your streams.

streamstache Mustache + Streams for node and browsers.

stringify-stream Streaming Transform of objects via JSON.stringify

subscribe-stream a simple Readable stream to consume JSON published over redis pub/sub

svg-pathdata SVG Path Datas parsing

svgicons2svgfont Read a set of SVG icons and ouput a SVG font

switchstream Dynamically update a stream's output destination.

tap-parser parse the test anything protocol

tar-pack Package and un-package modules of some sort (in tar/gz bundles).

tar-stream tar-stream is a streaming tar parser and generator and nothing else. It is streams2 and operates purely using streams which means you can easily extract/parse tarballs without ever hitting the file system.

temperature-stream Temperature values as a stream

template-stream Template Stream

terminus An abstraction for making stream.Writable streams without all the boilerplate.

throttle Node.js Transform stream that passes data through at `n` bytes per second

through-stream Base stream class for through RW stream

through2 A tiny wrapper around Node streams2 Transform to avoid explicit subclassing noise

tilelivestream Tile Live Stream ===

tilelivestreams Tile Live Stream ===

timbre JavaScript library for objective sound programming

time-window-stream concatenate all data chunks that fall within a time window

tmx A simple-to-use, simple-to-understand, streams-based TMX parser.

to-stream Turn an array to a Node.js stream

transformify Takes a synchronous function that transforms a string and converts it into a transform compatible with browserify, catw and mutiny.

uncurled Like curl, but in pure JavaScript.

until-stream A PassThrough stream that stops piping when a pattern is reached

unzip Unzip cross-platform streaming API compatible with fstream and fs.ReadStream

urlencode-stream A streams2 Transform stream that urlencodes the text piped through it.

utf8-stream buffer utf8 characters that would otherwise span chunk boundaries

vogels DynamoDB data mapper

vorbis NodeJS native binding to libvorbis

vorbis-superjoe NodeJS native binding to libvorbis

watershed simple websockets (RFC6455) client and server

wav `Reader` and `Writer` streams for Microsoft WAVE audio files

wbxml Javascript encoder/decoder for WAP Binary XML Content Format. See for spec.

web-stream transform stream for http with optional retry

writable-stream-parallel Parallelize your _write()s and _transform()s

write-stream Base class for writable streams

ws-chan WebSocket Channel — websocket interaction modeled as a pair of streams for incoming and outgoing messages correspondingly

xtream Stream2 helpers

zip-stream a streaming zip generator.

zkjs Pure JS Zookeeper Client

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