Packages depending on redis

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caching Easier caching in node.js

caf_core Cloud Assistant Framework Core

call-watcher Node.js profiling tool that watches method calls and provides statistics reporters to analyze possible callback piling and memory problems

callmydouble callmydouble gives you a public route to be dispatched locally.

canto Value added Redis

capre Cross-Server Data Replication

caress Chatphrase Asynchronous Representational State Signaling

cas_validate Interact with a CAS server to validate client interaction

cashbox javascript cache library with configurable storage

catbox-redis Redis adapter for catbox

ccache Caching!

cf-invalidation-tracker A cache that keeps track of accessed URLs, and can send these in an invalidation requests to Amazon CloudFront

cf-runtime Cloud Foundry API module

changecontrol a change control library for node A lightweight wrapper around

chirkut.js Chirkut.js - An XMPP BOSH server

chrono_metrics metrics abstract concept

chuckt_redis ChuckT is an event transport system built on the SockJS websocket API. This module is the server-side implementation of ChuckT and is designed to complement the client-side ChuckT JavaScript library.This fork future implements publish/subscribe derived by redis.

cinovo-logtest Logtest for Node.js with multiple storage engines for distributed log testing.

circuits Node.js RESTful router - Minimalistic Style

circumflex Express-based Web Application Framework

classifier Naive Bayesian classifier with Redis backend

clay A Node.js Active Record with a charming declaration and simple usage. Supports Redis as backend but can be easily extended

clever-auth Clevertech Authentication Module

climax Pooler for multiple resources

cloudq3 ERROR: No file found!

clouds services cloud

cloudy-ubersmith Ubersmith Module used by Cloudy Kangaroo

cluster-log Cluster logging plugin

clustr-node CoffeeScript cluster module to manage multi process cluster in NodeJs. Clustr is responseable for worker spawning and messaging between all processes.

cmdrkeene-faye Simple pub/sub messaging for the web

cn-search Redis search for node.js,support chinese Private npm registry and web for Enterprise, base on MySQL and Simple Store Service

cnx-node Db client mgmt for Node.js

coce Resource cover image URLs cache server

codekart a Node.js MVC Framework

coffee-resque Coffeescript/Node.js port of Resque

coffee-resque-retry Adds some retry options to coffee-resque. Concept lifted from Ruby's resque-retry

coffeekiq Coffeescript/Node.js Library to enqueue jobs to the Sidekiq Queue.

coffeenode-userdb ERROR: No README data found!

coffeeq Redis backed node.js queue implemented in CoffeeScript

coffer Integrated Components

collaborator-map A redis based data structure that maps users and collaborators onto project names

component-search Component search server

concussionjs-core The web app platform for the impatient hacker

concussionjs-proxy Complete high-scaled reverse-proxy with rate limiting behavior -- built on dotcloud's hipache distributed proxy

confection A configuration management server written in node, using redis for a backend.

configify configify, the central config server

conga-pubsub Conga.js bundle which provides applications with pub/sub functionality

connect-flash-redis Flash message middleware for Connect w/ Redis

connect-redis Redis session store for Connect

connect-redis-crypto Redis session store for Connect with encryption support

connect-redis-pubsub Redis session store for Connect - with pub/sub!

connect-redis-realtime Internally-cached Redis session store for Connect, powered by PubSub

connect-redis-secure Redis session store for Connect with encryption

consulate-authcode-simple-secrets-redis Redis backend for consulate-authcode-simple-secrets

core Core Libs

core-test Core Libs

cowboy A pluggable parallel execution framework written in Node.js

cozy-jsdav-fork temporary fork including caldav. Published to npm to handle versions with cozy-webdav, please use the original package.

crafity-storage Generic storage provider. Single interface or abstraction for different databases.

crafity-webserver Generic Webserver Configuration

crawler-worker the worker side of nova-crawler

cron-messenger A cron-like tool that dispatches messages on fixed schedules.

crunch A queue crunching router / relay.

cumin A minimalistic library for redis-based queues

databank-redis Redis driver for Databank

database-cleaner Database Cleaner for node.js

dataminer Performing common data mining tasks such as parallel download jobs, importing data, downloading files from s3, creating new jobs on the fly

db Easy access to dynamo, ds, mongodb, redis

dbcover A Promise/A+ Based Object Relational Mapping Module With Cache(Memcached/Redis) Enabled For Mysql/PostgreSQL/more. [under development]

dblayer-probe Probes hosts for dblayer services

dcon Distributed configuration

deadbolt Autoreleasing locks for node.js

deetoo A multi-purpose worker droid for Node

defcon-event-log Displays recent events via a web ui

defcon-plugins Displays the list of installed defcon plugins. It might one day show you which plugins to install. It probably wont allow you to install them automatically as then I'd have to worry a lot more about security.

defcon-redis-gateway Receives and forwards events via redis pubsub

derby-starter A generic server for a simple Derby app

devents A simple Redis-based distributed event emitter.

dh A distributed hash. Simply a wrapper around the Redis hash.

digger-redis Redis backed lists of containers - no selectors but v fast at flat append remove from lists

dis-redis Redis client with pooled connections and promises

disclosure-js based API server for sending and receiving realtime notifications from other webapps

disposable-redis Automated creation and shutdown of redis server, intended for test scripts.

dissect Poor man's Google Analytics aims to provide a solution for distributing data via a fault tolerant protocol such as bittorrent to closed circuit systems that operates in extreme conditions around the globe.

do-redis Redis driver for persisted objects

dockerfu Martial Docker and Hipache. Techniques for zero-downtime updates of Docker-ized services and more.

docparse DocParse is a integrated solution to process data from supplier bills. Data is scraper from supplier websites and matched against user supplied uploads of scanned paid bills. From here the system outputs the data to a specially formatted website which is delivered to the client

docparse-scraped-parser Server for parsing documents scraped from supplier websites

dolly Apple Push Notification service with Rodeo.

dolph A rate-limiter middleware for Express

dopache Link containers and their assigned ip + a port to hipache.

dossier A simple way to manage application statistics using redis and node

double-under Shared Object

doushio Real-time imageboard

dq A stupidly simple distributed priority data queue built on Redis.

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