Packages depending on redis

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drachtio-redis Redis session store for use with drachtio

drawbridge User authentication, waiting lists, and invitations for express

drev Distributed Redis EventEmitter

dropshare A / clone for your private servers

dshaw-talk-2012-09-lxjs Observability - for Node.js and Realtime Software

durable A lightweight library for real-time, consistent and scalable coordination of events.

ecocache Caching Module Supporting multiple storage engines

egserver An web framework for

emerald real-time C.I written in node.js by in unstable alpha

emitio Real-time websocket pub/sub server

entangle-redis Redis driver for 'entangled' objects

esb-node-driver Driver for ESB (Connector)

escrito Collaborative writing with Markdown & Textile

et effortlessness, et al.

ethercalc Multi-User Spreadsheet Server

eureka MSG and RPC tool based on ZMQ and Redis is a realtime API server.

eventor A global event system, that using redis as ground layer

eventreplay event replay for front end js

express-autoload Express autoload

express-bootstrap ERROR: No file found!

express-brute-redis A Redis store for express-brute

express-cache An express middleware for caching responses in Redis

express-feedback simple Express middleware using Redis to provide feedback on user actions.

express-io-pubsub Express to pubsub

express-login learn yourself an express login with connect-store using redis

express-meta-tags ExpressJS Middleware uses redis to store/manage meta data for site pages

express-rate Rate monitoring and limiting for express.js apps.

express-sessions ExpressJS MongoDB/Redis Session Storage

express-urlalias URL rewriting middleware for Express.

express-view-cache Unobtrusive solution to express framework - cache rendered page on server side, without unnecessary database requests and rendering.

fairy Queue System Treats Tasks Fairly.

fakeredis Fake redis for testing, works as a drop-in replacement for node_redis

fash A consistent hashing library for node

fasthar-api an API server that returns aggregated data from HTTP Archive (HAR) data from captured network traffic

faye-redis Redis backend engine for Faye

faye-redis-sharded Redis backend engine for Faye with support for sharding

feathers-cluster Easily take advantage of multi-core systems for Featherjs.

feature-flipper-js A Feature Flipper for nodejs

feedtools A server which does various things with RSS feeds and publishes them back to the world.

fetchncache Fetches a resource from a server and stores it inside a redis cache and the next time it grabs it from there

fh-api FeedHenry Cloud APIs

fh-api-alpha FeedHenry Cloud APIs

fh-api-beta FeedHenry Cloud APIs

fh-api-test FeedHenry Cloud APIs

fh-mbaas-api FeedHenry MBAAS Cloud APIs

fh-nodeapp FeedHenry Node Application

fh-nodeapp-alpha FeedHenry Node Application

fh-nodeapp-beta FeedHenry Node Application

fh-nodeapp-test FeedHenry Node Application

fh-nodeapp-testing FeedHenry Node Application

firefly-redis Redis service for Firefly

fireque Fireque ======= 是一個用於處理大量request的解決方案, 透過fireque可以將大量的request在background分散至多個worker同時處理, 以達到提高處理效率的目標, 並且可以成功接受request, 但尚未處理, 將會在最短時間內進行處理的效果.(Ex. Http code 202)

flexcache flexible cacher for async functions and event emitters with switchable backends. redis/memory

flo Redis powered node.js autocompleter inspired by soulmate

flowqueues Node.js queuing system using capacity constraints

flutter Twitter oAuth Module for the 1.1 API

fnoed Node.js client for pushing events to fnordmetric redis store.

fnord-client Nodejs module to post events to the fnordmetrics server

fnordmetric Node.js client for FnordMetric


follower Fetch data from social networks

footmarks Footmarks Node.js module.

force-field Distributed rate-limiter written using Node.js and backed by Redis

forerunner-redis-collector Forerunner plugin that allows for jobs to be created from other jobs

forerunner-redis-queue Redis queue for forerunner

forumjs forumjs =======

fotio Photos

frack Redis Console Chat Application

freeze-flip Freeze ===========

gameroom It's a game room websocket server

gato Git Automated Timetracking tOol.

genieacs A blazing fast TR-069 auto configuration server (ACS) built with Node.js, Redis, and MongoDB

gett.redis gett cache extension for Redis

gevents An extension to node.js events, that adds global events through redis

githubtimeline ERROR: No file found!

gnd Ground Web Development Framework

godot Godot is a streaming real-time event processor written in node.js

godot-redis Redis producer for Godot

gozy go crazy

granite A rock solid Node.js web framework

gredis zvidia game & rank server redis base lib

guardian Authentication Gateway Proxy

gumroad-onetime One time payment url handling middleware for gumroad payment gateway links

gun Graph engine.

hapi-ratelimit A rate limiting plugin for HAPI.

haredis High-availability redis in Node.js

haredisclient Redis Clint with high availability

hashing A high-performance Redis hash abstraction library for Node

hatchet-server server implementation server implementation

heroku-redis-client redis client that works with heroku redis to go

hilmi Lightweight cache provider for Node.JS

hipache Complete high-scaled reverse-proxy solution

hipcheck Active health checker for hipache proxy written in Node.js. Hipache health-checker will check the backends specified regularly and add/remove them from redis.

hit Realtime events with Redis

hollow hollow(treehole),publish secret by anonymous.

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