Packages depending on redis

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hollow hollow(treehole),publish secret by anonymous. Listen for events and execute operations against a Redis server

hopjs A RESTful declarative API framework, with stub generators for Shell, and Android

hornet Realtime engine for easy and secured pub/sub in web applications. Backed by and redis

hubba A tool to build web services, sockets, and edit static files with automated testing and pipeline all through a browser. A github based, open source documentation solution

hubby A high feature, distributed, low latency and secure message exchange bus based on redis and mongodb

hubot-1stdibs 1stdibs Custom Hubot Scripts

hubot-brain-redis-hash Hubot brain that uses hset and hget instead of storing everything as one giant blob

hubot-imessage An iMessage (and general AppleScript) adapter for hubot

hubot-markov Build a markov model of everything Hubot hears.

hubot-mood A hubot bot to manage your team's mood

hubot-scripts Allows you to opt in to a variety of scripts

hubot-sentimental A hubot adapter for tracking happiness levels of users via the Sentimental database

hubot-voicechat create an ad-hoc audio conference room

hummingbird-core Core components for hummingbird.

hunt High level nodejs framework build on top of expressjs, mongoose, sequilize, socketio and passportjs

hype Expressjs based cluster-load-balanced app with, redis, mongoskin.

hypercat-pathfinder HyperCat Catalogue Server

i18next.redis ERROR: No file found!

ice-framework A utility framework which provides helpful functionality, primarily for the P Framework.

idgen-collider determine likelyhood of id collisions

idify Get any unique Id format guaranteed

iframely oEmbed/2 gateway endpoint. Get embed data for various http links through one self-hosted API

imap-autoconfig Detect IMAP configuration for an e-mail address

impromptu A sentient prompt.

insomnia Activites and Notifications made simple

iodocs Live API Documentation and Browsing

ios-ota A node-based iOS over-the-air service

ipc A simple inter process communication library along with distributed election algorithm (Bully) for Node.js

ipident Node.js library to identify the location of IP addresses using redis.

iris-redis Thin node_redis wrapper to connect to Iris Couch's Redis service

ironhorse Flatiron plugin for Express that borrows some of the good ideas of Union without the route and middleware nonsense.

ishout.js Add real-time push notifications to your existing web application

ivy Queue wrapper with node.js-ish interface.

jacc Just Another Cloud in the Cloud

jagat JAGAT server for implementing trendy concepts: Live Collaboration, WebGL+HTML5+ResponsiveGrid, Live Content Update.

jaudu Jaudu middleware for express.js - Jaudu is cipher based, websocket powered, CSRF protection with additional security features

jazzy Web framework which makes your apps swing

jenkins-asskicker-server Title says it all

jive-scheduler Scheduler libraries for the jive-sdk

jive-scheduler-kue Scheduler libraries for the jive-sdk

job Job is a module that allows other modules to expose delayed jobs. For example, instead of mailer.sendRegistrationEmail, you can do mailer.delay.sendRegistrationEmail.

job-q jobQ is a parallelizable job queue with locking functionality; built with node.js + redis. This code is a genericized version of a project originally developed for the [Fannect]( platform. That repo had sensitive information in previous check ins so a separated repo had to be created for this one (hence the single massive original commit).

jobber-track A simple way to create and see the status of jobs


jobs simple redis backed jobs runner The open-source data visualization framework's Framework Engine

josi-memory This is where you organize and manage all of your robot's short and long-term memory. Whatever storage and backup plans you have for Hubot are managed here, as are any memory Models, for more complex applications.

jsa json synchronization service

jsDAV jsDAV allows you to easily add WebDAV support to a NodeJS application. jsDAV is meant to cover the entire standard, and attempts to allow integration using an easy to understand API.

jserver Loosely coupled server components with multiprocess support and good test coverage

juggernaut Realtime PubSub server push.

juggernaut-deepak Realtime PubSub server push.

juggernaut-yoomee Realtime PubSub server push.

jugglingdb-redis Redis adapter for jugglingdb

jugglingdb-redis-hq Redis adapter for jugglingdb

kabam-kernel KabamKernel for building express.js applications with plugins

kafka0.8 Kafka 0.8 client for Node.js

kansas Usage limited API to go

kara A third generation EX-400 android

kaya_juggernaut Realtime PubSub server push. Modification of maccman's Juggernaut.

kckupmq KckupMQ is wrapper library with common interface for different Message Queue implementations

kd Koding KD CLI

kd-kite-datastore Koding kite datastore

ken Simple web application framework

kickq Kick jobs out the door. Quickly. A job queue for node

kiln node-kiln ========= **Overview:** Provides Kiln API functionality. Very little here at the moment. You can login but can't do anything. `kiln.watchActivity()` works well, but you have to deal with the objects returned by Feedparser yourself.

kio Dead simple job queue.

kite-amqp koding kite class over amqp

knight A silent guardian, a watchful protector, a dark knight

koa-redis koa session with redis

koa-session-redis Koa redis session middleware

koan A Koa.js Application Boilerplate

kodb A key-object interface to redis.

konstruct Server factories & middleware

krake-slave Starts a slave process that listens to the central queue for scrape jobs to process

kue Feature rich priority job queue backed by redis

kue-mod Feature rich priority job queue backed by redis (with unique job support)

kue-sweeper a simple nodejs service to avoid memory leaking when use kue to process millions of jobs by removing kue job immediately upon its completion

kvs Simple key-value store facade for node.

kwikemon monitor one-off things on your servers

lancaster Reactive data API service

larva Getting started with node.js

leaderboard Leaderboards backed by Redis in Node.js

leptonix leptonix

lime Distributed event emitter for Node.js

list-redis A redis queue object

litre Tool for storing and retrieving JSONs in redis.

live-notify Adds live notifications to web sites

live-stats Layer on top of statsd-node client to allow for shared business rules metrics.

livedb Realtime database wrapper

loadscript non-featureful redis script loader

lockit-redis-adapter Redis adapter for lockit

lockredis Simple locking utility on top of Redis

locksmith distributed locking mechanism using redis

locky User / resource locking system.

logman Client and Server side logging with sexy flat realtime interface

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