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appbuilder command line interface to Telerik AppBuilder

clever-buffer Buffer utilities

craziness Memory management through JavaScript

cv OpenCV for Node.js

diskusage Get total diskspace and free diskspace using bindings around platform specific calls.

epics EPICS Channel Access for node.js

ffi A foreign function interface (FFI) for Node.js

freeman Source/GoldSrc server query library

hessian Support for the Hessian Binary Web Service protocol

ktoblzcheck binding for ktoblzcheck to check german account numbers/BLZ

labjack-nodejs LabJack-nodejs ============== UPDATED FOR LJM VERSION 1.03

libclang Bindings to libclang

librr a node wrapper for RoadRunner

libsbmljs Bindings to use `libsbml` from node.js

libsbmlsimjs A wrapper around libsbmlsim for nodejs

link-grammar Link grammar library node interface

llvm Bindings for the LLVM compiler infrastructure

mecab-ffi A node.js module for binding MeCab asynchronously using foreign function interface.

nhello nhello FFI Bindings

nsq Node NSQ client tools

offset-buffer Node.js Buffer wrapper that keeps track of your read and write offsets

ospi JavaScript binding for Raspberry Pi based Open Sprinkler

radare2.js radare2 valabind-ffi bindings for nodejs

ref-array Create C "array" instances on top of Buffers

ref-strict Add strict typing for ffi types

ref-struct Create ABI-compliant "struct" instances on top of Buffers

ref-union Create ABI-compliant "union" instances on top of Buffers

sc Connect your machine to Sauce Labs.

steam Lets you interface with Steam without running an actual Steam client

trackpad-server trackpad-server

unified2 unified2 parser

unix-socket-credentials Get the uid, gid and pid of a client that connects to your unix socket server

utmp utmp parser for node

vlc VLC FFI Bindings

win32api Asynchronous, non-blocking win32api bindings

win32ole Asynchronous, non-blocking win32ole bindings

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