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apac-g Amazon Product Advertising API Client for Node

api_botnik_com New read me

api-cli Framework to build CLI-based applications and helper scripts

api-client Object Oriented library for HTTP Web API clients

api-copilot > Write testing or data population scenarios for your APIs.

api-easy Fluent (i.e. chainable) syntax for generating vows tests against RESTful APIs.

api-fixture-proxy API proxy that serves fixtures from a directory.

apiaxle-api-client A client library for the ApiAxle API

apiaxle-base Shared core functionality for apiaxle.

apiblueprint-sdk Provide a javascript interface for web APIs that are described in API blueprint.

APIConnect A simplified Javascript interface for working with APIs.

apigee Communicate with Apigee's API.

apigee-uploader Upload data to Apigee Storage

apis-car An library to look up license plates of cars A json wrapper around publicly open data in Iceland

apostrophe Apostrophe is a user-friendly content management system. This core module of Apostrophe provides rich content editing and essential facilities to integrate Apostrophe into your Express project. Apostrophe also includes simple facilities for storing your r

app-store-reviews Download user reviews from the iTunes Store and the Mac App Store.

appcelerator Appcelerator ACS API package for Node.js

appdotnet Wrapper for the HTTP Stream API, following node idioms.

appdynamics-nimbus a Nimbus Interface for AppDynamics

appfog-api Provides functions that wraps the AppFog API

appium Automation for Apps.

appnexus provides access to the AppNexus API from NodeJS

appnexus-api Appnexus client for node.js

appygram appygram module to talk to @appygram messaging service

apres Embarrassingly Client-Side Web Apps.

arbiter-node Wrapper for the Arbiter API.

arca little tool to download files from a public dropbox folder

archaeologist A Node.js module for working with the ESRI ArcGIS Server REST API.

archimedes A simple ORDFM

architect-request Request plugin for Architect

archon A helper to test battle code bots (

arcnearby Generate bounding box around center point and search ArcGIS REST service for features within it, sorted by distance

ard Archiva Release Downloader

ares-ide A browser-based code editor and UI designer for Enyo 2 projects

aria A client library for Aria API

ark-sdk A node package that simplifies the use of the ark API.

armory A wrapper for the WoW Armory API.

armrest A high-level HTTP / REST client for Node

arrest-couchbase REST framework for Node.js, Express and CouchBase

arrowbreaker-sup An Express.js application that pings your urls and warns you about HTTP status code changes by email

arso Weather from ARSO

arykow-http Arykow's HTTP library

arykow-iframely-client Arykow's IFramely client

asana-api A nodejs client implementation for Asana API

asana-api-oauth A nodejs client implementation for Asana API with OAuth

ase gossip-like protocol to maintain a distributed network of peers

aspsms Send SMS text messages through

assault A load testing tool written in nodeJS

assemble-contrib-download Assemble plugin for downloading files from GitHub.

assert-http HTTP test fixture helper

asset Asset manager

assetgraph Optimization framework for web pages and applications

astash REST Client for Atlassian Stash

async-logging async-logging working with cluster ~0.5.0

atlas-stash REST Client for Atlassian's Stash repository

atlasboard AtlasBoard is dashboard/wallboard framework written all in JS

atlassian-connect-express Library for building Atlassian Add-ons on top of Express

atlassian-connect-express-hipchat HipChat compatibility layer for atlassian-connect-express (ACE)

atmos EMC Atmos client for node

atmos-emc atmos-emc client

atom A collection of decoupled components for rapid web development

atsaty A tweet says a thousand yeps

att an easy frontend developer tool

attachmate CouchDB Attachment Helpers

attachment-detection Attactment detection for youtube, images and links

atto A minimalist Couchbase driver

aur Archlinux AUR cli

auth0 Client library for the Auth0 platform

authorization-server-client Client to access an authorization server for oauth2 token validation in a distributed environment.

authors print a markdown list of authors/contributors to your git repo, including github usernames

authpack Package of distributed client and server OAuth2 API's

authy API lib for node.js

autofile-download Task that downloads files

autoingestion Apple Auto-Ingest tool write in JavaScript for Node.js

autoingesttool Apple Auto-Ingest tool written in JavaScript for NodeJS

automatejs Javascript integration/functional testing

automeme An automeme API wrapper.

autoqueue Helps AMQP publishers keep their bindings up.

autorev blindly update couchdb documents

available-versions Returns a promise with new versions higher than given for a npm module

avalon-node The nodejs client for VMarket client

avm A demo manage Customised Message on app version number

avocado-api node.js implementation of the avocado api

avocadojs Node wrapper for Avocado API

avr avr project tools

awesom0 An IRC bot that responds to custom user scripts.

awis Node.js client for the Alexa Web Information Service.

awpp auto web page publish

aws-cloudsearch Simple wrapper around AWS CloudSearch with a bus-based interface.

aws-curl A cli tool to curl ec2 boxes

aws-promise content-aws ===========

ayla Ayla at your service.

azure Windows Azure Client Library for node

azure-cli Windows Azure Cross Platform Command Line tool

azure-common Windows Azure Common Client Library for node

azure-table-node Azure Table Storage client using JSON on the wire

baasio A node.js module for

backbeam Javascript library for For both nodejs and the browser

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