Packages depending on requirejs

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ablejs The statics build tools for ablesky

agmath A basic math library that supports fractions and complex numbers.

amd-builder A service that builds bundles from AMD projects resources

amdbuilder Build amd modules tosingle module.

anvil.rjs A plugin for integrating rjs dependency compliation into anvil builds

apper Convention-based restful app development in node.js

array-nocomplex Array.prototype augmentations, no complex

artusi-auth Base implementation of an SSOUP Auth for Artusi

artusi-kitchen Implementation of SSOUP Kitchen for Artusi

artusi-kitchen-tools Tools for the Artusi Kitchen

ash Ash is a distributed presentation framework for the bohemian web developer.

backbone_bootstrap Bootstrapping development code for Web Development using Backbone.js

backbone-hitch Lightweight framework built on top of backbone

backbone-loading Loading indicator for Backbone network requests

backbone-on-express Backbone for node

backbone-session Flexible and simple session management for Backbone apps

backbone.localstoragesync A caching layer between the client and server.

bdog A better browser cat (bcat) - Pipe content directly to your browser

beez The framework for mobile browser faster development.

beez-foundation It is the basis for the development of browser for smartphones/pc.

beez-ua The library deside which browser has an access from UserAgent for node.js or browser. This library is Forked from zepto.js.

bilder Dev-Build-Deploy tool at 6W

bilder-requirejs requirejs grunt task

bishop Bishop ======

blogist blog with gist

bonsai Bonsai runtime and node server

bookstrap A HTML framework for making book apps.

bower-amd-dist Distrubute AMD-based libraries as single file Bower components

bower-requirejs Automagically wire-up installed Bower components into your RequireJS config

brainy-api create a REST API from your Backbone models and collections

brainy-cli command line tools for bootstrapping your brainy project

brainy-server a server side and client side framework for Backbone

brainy-sync-api create a REST API from your Backbone models and collections

broccoli-requirejs RequireJS plugin for Broccoli

bungle Bungle is a package manager for javascript browser applications.

buttress Buttress is a supportive rapid prototyping library for NodeJS that provides both server and client helpers.

cabinet A fast static file server loaded with useful features

cakehelper Utility library for easing the setup of a projects cake tasks.

camel A Node.js wrapper for using coffeescript with requirejs AMD-style loader

cascade Provides a set of functions to simplify calling sequental asynchronous methods

circuits-js A robust and pluggable client-side library for accessing services.

codebox Open source cloud & desktop IDE.

coffiew HTML markup written in CoffeeScript.

conduttore A multi-purpose Router

constraints A type checker, that allows definition of additional types and constraints over them, checking objects against types and extension with default values before checks

cordjs CordJS Framework Build and Development Tool =========

coweb-jsoe A standalone version of the the OpenCoweb operational transform engine.

crunchbase-cli simple command line interface for communicating with the crunchbase api

css-coverage Generates coverage information of your CSS (or LESS) files using the command line or in browser/GruntJS unit tests.

css-font-parser A parser for the CSS font value

currency simple currency conversion in the terminal

docpad-plugin-bowermount DocPad plugin that mounts bower components in web server middleware

docpad-plugin-bowerrequirejs DocPad plugin that wires-up installed Bower components into RequireJS config

doctit document.title helper utility for single page apps

doppelganger Run Backbone.js apps on a Node.js server jQuery UI DownloadBuilder & ThemeRoller backend and frontend application.

emmet Emmet — the essential toolkit for web-developers

enginedetector An engine detector for javascript and related helpers and requirejs plugins. Detect the engine (node, browser) used to run the current script.

eris Eris is a framework-agnostic JavaScript toolkit for building real-world applications.

essentials Essentials is a Typescript project aiming to provide basic classes for use with any web application

EventServer Event driven server

express-asset-manager Simple asset manager middleware for Express.js

express-roads NodeJS - Express Application and API Routes Management

exprjs expression language for javascript (in javascript) like ognl

fielddb An offline/online field database which adapts to its user's terminology and I-Language

fynn fynn.js, MVC, node + client

gamina Composition architecture, cross platform, targeting mobile first, for node, javascript (w/ actionscript fall back) to help complete projects

gather Develop, test, and build universal Javascript modules

get-translation Effective translation workflow

googletagmanager Google Tag Manager loader for web apps

grunt-amd-build EXPERIMENTAL - Grunt plugin to build AMD applications.

grunt-annotated-requirejs Optimize RequireJS projects using r.js, supporting annotations to define which AMD modules are compiled into one unified file with all it's dependencies included.

grunt-bbb-requirejs Optimize RequireJS projects using r.js.

grunt-bbb-server Runs the development server.

grunt-bower-hooks Automagically wire-up installed Bower components into your RequireJS config

grunt-bower-requirejs-alias Automagically wire-up installed Bower components into your RequireJS config

grunt-build-requirejs Use requirejs r.js

grunt-castle requirejs client, server, and client-server unit testing

grunt-contrib-requirejs Optimize RequireJS projects using r.js.

grunt-contrib-translate Translate dynamic texts

grunt-croc-requirejs Grunt plugin for building RequireJS-based applications with optimizing js, css and Handlebars templates

grunt-dot-compiler Grunt task for compiling doT templates

grunt-durandal Grunt Durandal Builder - Build durandal project using a custom require config and a custom almond

grunt-durandaljs A grunt plugin for building durandaljs projects.

grunt-plates Grunt Tasks & Boilerplates

grunt-qunit-amd Grunt plugin to run Qunit tests on your AMD libraries without having to create html pages.

grunt-rendr-requirejs Use RequireJS to package up your modules for use with Rendr (

grunt-require Easy switching between built and un-built versions of require.js based applications with grunt

grunt-requirejs Building require.js based applications with grunt

grunt-requirejs-jzaefferer Using requirejs and almond with grunt

grunt-requirejs-license Grunt task to collect license information of dependencies used in a requirejs project.

grunt-requirejs-transformconfig Grunt plugin for transforming RequireJS configuration file.

grunt-translate Translate dynamic texts

grunt-wsmod-packer Grunt plugin to collect dependencies for WI.SBIS modules and pack them to a single package respecting load order

gulp-durandal A gulp plugin for building durandaljs projects.

gulp-module-requirejs Builds projects using require.js's optimizer for multiple directories

gulp-require-convert A plugin for Gulp

gulp-requirejs Builds projects using require.js's optimizer

gulp-rjs A gulp interface to r.js

h5bp HTML5 boilerplate (H5BP) inspired server config for node.js

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