Packages depending on requirejs

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handlebars-helpers-pack A neat pack of helpers for Handlebars templates

happy-toolkit-examples Examples of the Happy Toolkit.

hashmash A generic HashCash implementation with support for node, amd (requirejs), and simple browser implementations. Uses node child_process or Web Workers where available to speed up hash generation and maintain responsiveness.

hijinx Real-time web framework

hone.js HTML, js, css optimization

house A home for your website, apps & data.

hr.js Client-side framework for structured applications.

jamjs For **front-end** developers who crave maintainable assets, **Jam** is a **package manager** for JavaScript. Unlike other repositories, we put the **browser** first.

jaribu a simple, full-featured, JavaScript testing framework

jasmine-node DOM-less simple JavaScript BDD testing framework for Node

jasmine-node-karma DOM-less simple JavaScript BDD testing framework for Node

jfdoc JavaScript documentation generator

jhaml Joe's HTML Abstraction Markup Language, a DSL/template engine to reduce the tedium of copious, partially redundant HTML templates

jira-cmd Another JIRA Command Line Interface

joeventstore Javascript porting of C# joliver EventStore, an event storage for event sourcing

joshfirefactory Joshfire Factory Node.js runtime

jquery-component jQuery component. 2.0.9 = 2.1.0-pre :-)

jquery-continuous-calendar Date picker and range selector with scrollable months instead of paged

js.utils General JavaScript Utilities

js2ch JavaScript 2ch-client library

jsgui-node-file-metadata Reads metadata from files

jsgui-node-imgconvert Converts images using JavaScript code where available, has a command-line interface.

jsgui-node-png-metadata Reads metadata from PNG files

jsgui-node-sprite Efficiently creates sprites

jsgui-sprite-arrange Efficiently arranges sprites

jstestr A testing framework for JavaScript UIs.

kaapi Highly-Opinionated, Mocha-based Spec runner

knockout-combinators Utilities to combining & compose Knockout observables

l3mon l3mon core library

l8 l8 is an experimental pthread/erlang inspired task manager for javascript. Simple tasks becomes 'paroles', complex tasks become functions broken in 'steps'. l8 comes with synchronisation and distribution tools including semaphores, mutexes, message queues, generators, actors and proxied actors, among others.

lathe A discrete solid modeller using BSPs

lead.js lead.js =======

leviathan Leviathan =========

lib-faye Faye Service Library for the DreamFactory Services Platform(tm)

lineman-requirejs A requirejs plugin for Lineman

lohengrin lohengrin =========

madoko Madoko is a fast scholarly Markdown processor written in Koka

mangrove-utils A collection of useful javascript helpers, again.

mantis Multi-page application (MPA) framework

mdcore some utils used by other (my) projects

metacoffee Top-down parser generator for CoffeeScript

mfw mfw ===

microscratch Light Weight Web Framework using node.js, mongo, sockets, ember.js ...

mimosa-require AMD/RequireJS module for Mimosa browser development workflow tool

mjolnir HTML 5 static JS lib

modjs JavaScript Workflow Tooling For Web

multimethod.js Multimethods in JavaScript (ala Clojure)

multiverse A Multiplayer Game Engine for The Web

netOS Event driven network operating system

ngproject ng project

ngprojecttest ng projecttest

no-build-conf Stop configuring your assets pipeline. Everything is in the HTML. The build script just read your index.html.

nodetiles Nodetiles Build Tool

noduino Arduino framework for fuck*ng mad scientists

nojekyll Static site generator for node.js. Inspired by Jekyll.

noodles High Performance templating language

odin Node.js Canvas/WebGL Javascript Game Framework

omega A real-time issue tracker optimized for small teams

openscad-openjscad-translator Translates OpenSCAD syntax ( into OpenJsCAD syntax (

paracucchi-skeleton-application Paracucchi skeleton application

paracucchi-ssoup Node JS Implementation of SSOUP

persevere-example-wiki This is an example Wiki built with Persevere 2.0. It is recommended that you install this package with NPM, so that all dependencies will be automatically resolved:

phosphorus leptonix build task

pinf-it-bundler *Status: DEV*

planepacker A rectangle packing layout engine, currently only supports images, scales and crops such as to optimize relative sizes and leaves no empty space

plim Simple front-end development sandbox supporting static file serving as well as LESS & AMD js compilation

plumber-requirejs RequireJS (r.js) operation for Plumber pipelines

polly-phil Provides AMD plugin (tested with RequireJS) to conditionally require polyfills; also provides browserify transforming plugin

promesse Emily's Promise/A+

rain A component-based and distributed web application framework

rAppid.js rAppid.js is a declarative JavaScript web application for rapid web application development. It uses XML to define the structure of applications, modules, components and views and JavaScript for the business logic of the application. The XML (xaml) gets t

reason All AMD modules (soon CommonJS) are resolved into one, clean javascript file. This is not a clone of AMDClean. Way of resolving RequireJS modules is pretty much the same, however there are some differences ... will post latter about them.

red-boilerplate RED Boilerplate ==========================================================================================

rekapi A keyframe animation library for JavaScript

relalg.js This [Relational Algebra][relalg] evaluator is written by me, Morten Fangel (, For their assistance with this project, I'd like to thank Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Henrik Bulskov from Roskilde University and Associate Professor Philippe Bonnet, IT University of Copenhagen.

requestanimationframe requestAnimationFrame AMD-ready, bower-ready polyfill fork.

require-lazy A RequireJS plugin for lazy loading AMD modules packaged with r.js, automatically splitting packaged code in bundles, cache-breaking the bundles only when the code changes, and defining module metadata and module discovery in Javascript applications.

requirejs-micro-template An AMD loader plugin for loading micro templates.

requirejs-middleware Connect middleware for RequireJS compiling

return_func_to_async_func Sometimes you have a function, that you're planning to use within something like `async.waterfall` but it's wrote to be synchronous and returns a value instead of using a callback. This function will accept that function, along with a context and return an asynchronous version of that function

rocket The rapid development framework for node.js

rook Rook ----

sailfish sailfish - это фремфорк для создания web-приложений на JavaScript. Фреймворк является самодостаточным, т.е содержит в себе как серверную так и клиентскую части.

sassy Themes for sass

scenic2 UI for interaction design with switcher

seed-js Elegant inheritance, attributes and events, both for client-side and server-side JavaScript.

seedhq Elegant customizable inheritance, attributes and events in JavaScript.

seedview Useful DOM Views based on SeedHq that you should not use ( unstable, untested ).

simpleamdloader A simple reaction - provided with name it loads a module by this name using AMD. Never invokes done(error)

smackbone-live an object oriented live model framework

solidstate An observable REST client for Javascript with a dramatically simple & fluent API.

soundjs A module to access sound cloud, you can upload tracks, manage playlist etc

sourcemint-sdk-requirejs These examples illustrate how to load [RequireJS]( compatible code into the `Sourcemint Platform`.

spritesheetjs A fast node spritesheet generator

string-nocomplex String.prototype augmentations based on underscore.string. no complex.

styler CSS/Stylus live editor

test-model-reporter Create a pure JavaScript object model based on JUnit methodology

testament Server for running mocha requirejs test suites in phantomjs with one command

teste a simple, full-featured, JavaScript testing framework

toast Command-line installer for common projects and tasks based on Grunt.

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