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amdee Converting CommonJS modules into AMD format

amdify Amdify converts your node.js code into browser-compatible code. For example

api-copilot-cli > Command line interface for [API Copilot](

assembly build tool to assemble client side javascript projects

atomify-css Atomic CSS - Reusable front-end styling using Rework, plugins, and Node's resolve algorithm

autodoc Doc generation on steroids

bale Let's bale up some Node

bem-cli bem runner

bna build node app

broccoli-cli The broccoli command line interface

browser-bundle-deps walk the dependency graph of a browser bundle entry file and return it as a json stream. Supports both AMD and CommonJS (node-style) modules.

browser-export Sharing of client side and server side code solved once and for all.

browser-resolve resolve which handles browser field support in package.json

browser-resolve-sync synchronous resolve algorithm with browser field support

browserify browser-side require() the node way

browserify-0.6 browser-side require() for js directories and npm modules

browserify-chrome Tool for creating managing the creation of Chrome Apps with Browserify

browserify-shim Makes CommonJS-incompatible modules browserifyable.

browserify-swap A transform that swaps out modules according to a config in your package.json selected via an environment variable.

brstar Browserify transform to preprocess static input brfs-style with your own modules.

cartero An asset pipeline built on browserify.

catw concatenate file globs, watching for changes

codebux calculate technical debt

coffee-scrunch Concatenate CoffeeScript files with style

commonjs-everywhere CommonJS browser bundler with aliasing, extensibility, and source maps from the minified JS bundle

construct-from-spec Construct JavaScript objects from specifications

covert code coverage command con coverify

croak Grunt made easy for large and distributed projects

dcompose Asset composer

derelicte An AltJS lang built entirely with Sweet.js macros

deva dev script

deviant Override node's builtin require to use browserify transform streams directly in node

dgraph Extract and transform dependency graphs

disc A tool for analyzing the module tree of a browserify bundle or node project

dkastner-browserify Browser-side require() for js directories and npm modules

dork A very basic, api friendly, testing framework.

dotc c module system with #require and #export, node-style

doubledot-browserify Browser-side require() for js directories and npm modules. Parent paths are allowed

entry-points Find a node module's possible entry points

eslinker Combines ECMAScript programs.

gendeps generate your CommonJS or AMD module dependencies. Forked and modified from Patrick's madge.

generator-cli Command line launcher for Photoshop Generator

gimme-deps Package for resolving require dependencies from node modules

glsl-resolve A wrapper for the "resolve" module that targets GLSL shaders instead of JavaScript

glslify command line glsl module system builder

glslify-stream create a readable stream of glsl ast nodes that produce a module system

gluejs Build CommonJS modules for the browser via a chainable API

grasshopper-api HTTP wrapper for grasshopper-core. Grasshopper is a Data Management System (DMS) that makes working with application data easier for both administrators and developers.

grunt-browserify Grunt task for node-browserify

grunt-cli The grunt command line interface.

grunt-clix The grunt command line interface.

grunt-qc-cli The grunt command line interface.

gruntqc-cli The grunt command line interface.

gulp-chug Run external gulpfiles as part of a gulp task inside another gulpfile

gulp-import gulp.import('PKGNAME/FILENAME')

gulp-tsc TypeScript compiler for gulp.js

highlight-codemirror A syntax highlighter built to run in node and consume CodeMirror modes.

infuse Mainline your node JavaScript for universal consumption.

irc-apparatus An IRC bot framework. Plugins are easy to write and can extend core functionality, provide middleware or just listen for events.

istanbul Yet another JS code coverage tool that computes statement, line, function and branch coverage with module loader hooks to transparently add coverage when running tests. Supports all JS coverage use cases including unit tests, server side functional tests

istanbul-harmony Yet another JS code coverage tool that computes statement, line, function and branch coverage with module loader hooks to transparently add coverage when running tests. Supports all JS coverage use cases including unit tests, server side functional tests

jik use css selectors to grep your JS codebase

js-file Introspect .js files.

jsmt JavaScript module transformation and transport.

jstransformify Browserify transform which applies jstransform visitors

JSUS JavaScript UtilS. Extended functional programming support. JSUS helps!

jt-cli Javascript developer toolkit, based on virtual file system.

karma-cli The Karma command line interface.

karma-referee A Karma plugin for the Referee assertions library

kirin-build Command line tools to build device specific variants for client side webapps.

less-file Middleware for less with npm and static assets support

less-fixed The less compiler with a few features you absolutely need

liftoff Launch your command line tool with ease.

lineman A grunt-based project scaffold for HTML/CSS/JS apps

local-version A "package.json" version number fetcher for local Node module installations. Async and sync.

madge Create graphs from your CommonJS or AMD module dependencies.

markdown-styles Markdown to HTML generator and multiple CSS themes for Markdown

matchdep Use globule to filter npm module dependencies by name.

matterhorn Formalizes a way of building web applications atop the express framework.

members-area An area for members of a group to manage their subscription, permissions and resources.

mocaccino Mocha test runner as a Browserify plugin

mochify TDD for browserified code with Mocha, PhantomJS and WebDriver

module-deps walk the dependency graph to generate json output that can be fed into browser-pack

module-requires TODO: finish me

moquire because mocking `require`d modules for unit tests should be easy

ngbp-cli Command-line interface to ngbp

node-trace Add custom instrumentation to all or some of your code

nojam nodejam =======

npm_lazy Lazy local npm cache server

npm-assets Bundle static files with NPM packages

npm-css Require css from npm

npm-less Fix LESS to import a la node require algorithm

nway Bundle commonjs javascript modules for the browser with cache optimisation: write browser-side script the node's way !

nwitch A simple, pluggable IRC bot.

organic-bundlecode * code - String

package-writer Transforms and writes the files for a cartero package. Returns a map of file name to transformed output stream.

param param is a tiny module to read config parameters

parcelify Create css bundles from npm packages using the browserify dependency graph.

pejs Pre-compiled EJS with inheritance, block and file support that works both in the client and on the server

plugin Plugin library

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